Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Happy Monday! If you’re like me, you’re back at work after a nice vacation thanks to the Christmas and New Years holidays. Hopefully you’re feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the year – or at least the year!

I had such a great New Years and weekend – the perfect relaxing and productive way to get me ready for the week ahead.

New Years Eve, B and I hung out with his family, family friends and Dave and Anson for an amazing meal, bubbly, drinks and of course, watching the ball drop. I unfortunately didn’t get to snap any pics of the food – but trust me. The seafood paella was the perfect last meal of 2015!


B and I kicking off NYE

New Years morning, I slept in, and then B and I went for a short run around downtown. I’m going to try to be diligent and keep track of my miles in 2016 (unlike 2015…whoops) and since I’m back as a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Ambassador, will be sharing my training with you as the training season begins.

first run of 2016 and loving my new running jacket

first run of 2016 and loving my new running jacket

The rest of the day was really low key. B and I went to his parents’ house and watched a looooot of college football and I caught up on some work and emails. We spent the evening watching movies – I have never seen the full Star Wars movies so we borrowed the tapes (yup, we still have a VCR!) from B’s parents and watched the first (or fourth?) one that evening.


Saturday morning included some shopping at the West Side Market, going for a long walk, stopping for a latte and a scone in Tremont, and cooking some eggplant parmesan to share with friends.


Not a bad day for a walk

Not a bad day for a walk


baking eggplant parm!

baking eggplant parm!

Saturday night, we brought over some eggplant park to friends that had just had a baby. Their newborn is adorable and has a full head of hair – my favorite for babies!

We then enjoyed dinner at Dave and Anson’s with friends. And surprise- they made me hold Celia (I’m getting a little less scared of holding her) AND I even got to feed her!


Sunday was another SUPER relaxing and low key day. After another short run with B, I spent the afternoon catching up on the Browns, watching the next Star Wars movie, reading, and meal prepping.

Some fun details of my run

Some fun details of my run

roasting some veggies for lunches this week

roasting some veggies for lunches this week

We ended the day with dinner at the best Vietnamese place in town, Superior Pho. Snow had just started to fall lightly, and it was the perfect evening for some rolls and pho.


And that was it! A very relaxing Sunday.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you like Pho?
  • Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? What about the new one?

Linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot post, Katie for MIMM and of course, the weekly wraps.

9 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Swing of Things

  1. I remember seeing the original Star Wars in 1977 (in the theater — only possible way!). Loved it and Luke Skywalker. I did recently see Force Awakening after missing a few of the newer ones. I had no problem understanding the story. I’ve never tried Pho, but there isn’t much I don’t like. It seems you had a nice and restful holiday weekend. Like you, I ran on Near Years Day which is a perfect way to start the year. Good luck as you begin training for Rite Aid. Thanks for linking Melissa and Happy New Year!

  2. I have not tried authentic pho, but it looks so good. Especially for a cold night!
    I recently saw ALL the Star Wars movies and fell in love. The new one only added to my enthusiasm.
    I love the picture you and your hubs- you look so happy!

  3. This all sounds absolutely fabulous. Your saturday is my idea heaven – a mild walk, latte and scone, delicious homemade dinner. Sigh! I LOVE pho, and I love that it is basically the cheapest thing you can find (at least here)… and so big! Now, HOW have you managed to keep track of a VCR?! I sadly just found out my parents threw our old one out, to which I was not impressed. How I will watch all my classics? Star Wars very much included.

  4. I’ve never tried Pho, but it looks good. Your eggplant parmesan looks yummy! I’ve seen bits and pieces or the Star Wars movies. I can’t seem to get into them, but I heard the newest one is good even if you’ve never seen any of the others.

  5. Never heard of Pho either but it looks like one of those soups that would be good for when your sick ya know. I would try it. I know I saw the first Star Wars movie and pretty sure the second but after that it does get blurry. I’ll watch the new one when I can but I didn’t care to see it the day it came out. I’m back at work for part of the week then traveling to Orlando, I guess next week it will feel more normal, maybe. Thanks for linking!

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