Thinking Out Loud: What I WON’T Miss About Being Pregnant

I’m due with our first child in one month. I can’t believe it  – in just over a month (or who knows when), I will have to care for another human being. It’s intimidating, and I’m by no means ready at all.

I’ve been lucky, my pregnancy has been pretty easy. Despite being high risk and having the “normal” pregnancy issues, I’ve been blessed (KNOCK ON WOOD) with a great past few months. In fact, I even made a list of the things I will miss about being pregnant- here…who does that?! BUT there are a few things I’m looking forward to about not being pregnant anymore.

Running. I know it’s not going to happen overnight (yes, I know I have to recover from giving birth) – but I can’t wait until I can go for an easy run again that’s actually easy – I don’t feel like like I have to pee the entire time, it’s not hard to breathe, my body doesn’t hurt the entire time (and then for days afterwards) and I’m not paranoid about falling. Oh, and I don’t feel super full. I’ve been trying to keep up running for nearly this entire pregnancy, and although I’m still keeping up the miles, it has NOT been easy.

I’m smiling in the first shot because I’m NOT running.


People commenting on my body: I know I said that most people are super nice and accommodating when you’re pregnant. But there are also the people who the second you become pregnant suddenly feel like your body/looks/weight is an acceptable topic of conversation. While it would never be okay to tell the person next to you in the store that they are huge and do they really need three different types of nut butter (UM YES OBVIOUSLY), for some reason, if you’re pregnant, it is perfectly acceptable. “Are you SURE you’re not due until June?” “Whoa, this baby is really happening, I guess!” “How much weight have you gained?” “Are you really going to get bigger?” “Wow, you’ve really … grown … overnight!” And these are all comments I’ve gotten from people I know. It’s funny that pregnancy makes people somehow forgot that it’s MY body and I don’t need to be reminded that I have a cantaloupe living inside of me.


Food and drink:  Yes, I said it. I miss drinking. I miss everything about it. From having a glass of red wine with a good homemade Italian meal (that may include some uncooked pepperoni to snack on), to having a few drinks with friends, to sitting on the patio with beers, to even a Bud Light Lime in the summer (#dontjudge). I miss it all.  AlsoI started a list of foods I can not WAIT to enjoy, guiltlessly. Sushi. Unpasteurized soft cheeses. A good Italian sub with all the meats and cheeses. Smoothies. Soft-serve. Kombucha. The list goes on and on. While I haven’t 100% stuck to the “do not eat” list (raw honey lover 4 life), I’ve been pretty good and I can’t wait until I have a meal with all of the above. Yes, someone please bring me some epoisses, sushi, runny eggs, kombucha and fro yo the second I am able to eat it all again.

My skin: OMG who are those people that are GLOWING when they are pregnant? It is NOT me. Unless by glowing you mean super greasy? I swear, since finding out I was pregnant, my face has returned to its puberty days – but worse. The bright side? I guess I’ve gotten better about learning how to wear makeup, something I’ve never really understood how to do before. It’s out of necessity.

Exhaustion and sleepless nights: So I’ve heard that after you have a baby you also get little sleep? So this may not go away … but I will not  miss the third trimester fatigue, which sometimes hits me around 3 p.m. (which is also when my backaches start from sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day with scoliosis AND a squash in my belly… sorry coworkers if I’m a crooked zombie at our 4 p.m. meetings) and then makes me helpless for the rest of the day (this is why I need 4 nut butters – hellllllo peanut butter and crackers for dinner!)  but then I somehow can’t get comfortable enough to sleep at night. Let’s just say by Thursday I’m pretty much useless until I get to rest up over the weekend. And yes, I’m editing this post at 2 a.m. because I am having one of those said sleepless nights, so today is going to be rough.

And in about a month, I know all be worth it (right mommas???) but some days it is just hard!

Want the other side of the story? I also wrote about what I’ll miss about being pregnant, here..

Joining up again today with the Thinking Out Loud linkup.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: What I WON’T Miss About Being Pregnant

  1. But WHY do people feel the need to comment on pregnant bodies?!?! I had my BOSS tell me to get an ultrasound to make sure that it was just one, and then another time to get one to make sure my due date was right. WTF people.
    My skin was gorge with my first and like a 15 year old boy the second. So I feel you there.
    BUT YES. It is worth it. Most of the time. Sometimes I look at my todder when he’s being the devil reincarnated and I’m just like.. nine months for this? Ehh. HA!

  2. I love the honesty… I’d totally miss drinking! My best friend used to make me order whatever she was craving (Guinness or a cosmo, mostly) when we went to dinner while she was pregnant so she would drink half. LOL!

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