What A Weekend – One Sentence Per Photo Style

Annnnnd just like that, we’re back to Monday. Sigh. I’m feeling it after a pretty eventful but fun weekend.  But because my brain is mush, this weekend update is going to be one sentence per photo style. Ready — go!

Weekends are made for patios – this time, Parnell’s.


B’s take on Lidia’s eggy eggplant was so delicious. IMG_20160819_223754

My (and FW’s) first Shaker Woodworking Festival meant fair food and amazing wooden crafts, furniture, etc.




FW is learning to get used to my local kombucha fix.20160820_173520

This is what our weekends look like now 🙂IMG_20160819_194600

A visit from “Uncle” Wing.Screenshot_20160820-200854

Cheering on Team USA (yay for bronze) and watching one of my favorite events!20160821_100201

A little Sunday morning run.20160821_085929

Meeting an old friend for the first time.


Sunday brunches with friends are a great way to start the day.20160821_110341

Some of the brunch crew. 20160821_122704

Spending Sunday afternoon on a walk and then in the park.


So naturally we played a little bocce.20160821_141309

A new twist on Sunday family dinner – out at a restaurant!


And that’s a wrap. Hope you had a great weekend! I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

Some questions for you:

  • Did you spend time outside this weekend? We finally got a break in the heat and it was great!
  • Did you watch the Olympics? What are your favorite events?

10 thoughts on “What A Weekend – One Sentence Per Photo Style

  1. and the little guy steals the show! What an adorable baby! Makes me miss my kids being that age, but 8 and 9 is pretty fun too! We spent a lot of time outside this weekend riding horses and the kids played with cousins. Today is their last blast and school starts tomorrow!
    I watched so much Olympics! I love all the running events and gymnastics and the swimming.

  2. You’re weekends are always so yummy and fun! We spent some time at the pool, watched the marathon, ran and ate pancakes and Whole Foods. A pretty relaxing weekend for us! I love the tongue pic! Too cute 🙂

  3. FW is so adorable! I am glad I stumbled upon your blog from Erin’s linkup! We had a break from the heat t his weekend as well and it was much needed! I actually thought it was going to stick around but it is showing the high 80s for the next 10 day. Whomp whomp! We almost went out to dinner last night but I think tonight it’s going to happen!

  4. I worked outside all wkend and unfortunately we still had plenty of the heat. Today is not as bad as it’s been lately. Those two looking at each other…so adorable! I watched alot of the Olympics. I need to catch up on my sleep this wk!

  5. I love your weekend pics. The Copycat pic is adorable. FW is growing so fast. We are still experiencing our typical summer heat. However, I stay all weekend in my shaded patio swing (complete with ceiling fan) if I’m not in the pool, at the lake, on the bike, or running. LOL. I do not like being indoors this time of year. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

  6. I love picture posts! I really should pay more attention to when I read your blog each week, I most always read it before I’ve had lunch and your pictures make me so hungry!!! 🙂
    I’ve never heard of bocce?? I’ll have to look that one up.
    Because of the rain the temps have come down a bit for us too!

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