Cold in CLE

Brrr!! Well, we finally had a cold weekend. We started out Friday with 75 degrees (patio weather!) but ended up with snowy and 30s. Ick!!


Friday night I was lucky enough to enjoy some patio beers with coworkers in honor of our intern’s last day. It was great to be able to be OUTSIDE in November!

After happy hour, B, FW and I got dinner with some friends nearby. I forgot to get any pics of the pizza, but instead here’s a pic of FW at their house with their baby’s toys. Friends with babies=clutch.

Saturday was a busy day! We went out to lunch in Old Brooklyn and enjoyed some Cuban food. The owners loved FW and even held him while we ate.

We also went to the Cleveland Flea and had an afternoon excursion in Hingetown. Tea in the cold weather is the best.



With all that excitement, unfortunately FW didn’t get in a nap. BIG MISTAKE. He then was suuuuuuper cranky all afternoon and into the evening. I think he cried from 4-5:45 straight and finally fell asleep about 630. Which was right when we were supposed to go over to my friend Cuoghi’s house for dinner. Whoops! We did make it over there eventually and enjoyed some delicious homemade pozole, cookies and ice cream. Cuoghi and her boyfriend are great cooks!


Sunday morning started out with an indoor run while FW slept and B cleaned. Our washing machine is/was broken and in the process of trying to fix it, B found a whole running outfit I had been missing for THREE years! That’s right, the last time I saw this outfit was three Septembers ago. Apparently it had been hiding behind the washer/dryer…whoops! I made sure to wear it during my 5 miler.


We decided to also go for a walk during the afternoon to help FW nap. BRRR it was 30 degrees but WINDY. We put FW in a snowsuit (over his wintry outfit – yes the cardigan again!) but it was not as enjoyable as walking in the summer.


What are we going to do when winter actually hits to stay active and get FW moving? Luckily as part of our walk we picked up a fresh loaf of bread from Bloom Bakery, one of my favorite places downtown. It made for a great late lunch of eggs and spinach and bread! And some new kombucha.


We ended the night with family dinner at B’s parents house. And now- onto a short week!

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have any Sunday traditions? Yes, dinner at B’s parents’ house!
  • Are you ready for the cold and winter? NO!!!!

I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

3 thoughts on “Cold in CLE

  1. So not ready for the cold weather! And I wish we had consistent Sunday traditions like having dinner at a family or friends house. But usually I’m just trying to get everything ready for the week and hopefully have time to cook a nice dinner for ourselves. Sunday nights always go by way too fast.

  2. FW is so cute and always seems to be smiling! He must have really been tired to get so cranky. Luckily, our winters are mild. We just suffer mightily during the summer. I usually do cook a nice meal for Sunday dinner. I am very ready for a short week! Enjoy yours! Thanks for linking, Melissa!

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