My Weekend: Surviving 10 Degrees (and Sub-Zero) Temps with a Baby

We had a COLD weekend in Cleveland. I’m not talking the return of the Polar Vortex (remember that?!) but it was barely 10 degrees each day with wind chills making it even COLDER. So, what’s a mom to do with a baby when its freezing outside, we live in a teeny tiny apartment, and I go stir crazy very easily?

Well, we started off with homemade pizza Friday night. Courtesy of B. He makes the BEST pizza.  Oh yeah, and we started with a cheese/meat plate. Because preheating the oven to 500 degrees takes a while and I was hungry.

img_20170106_182457Side note – most of the meats and cheeses were from Gallucci’s and Ohio City Provisions, two of my FAVORITE places.


Attempt to make baby food (bananas and carrots) and then feed said food to baby. We’re working on it. FW enjoyed some of the banana better than the sweet potato I think.


Go OUT to dinner! B and I took a very short cold walk Saturday night and got beers and buffalo chicken salads. YAY!20170107_173330

Go for a walk inside our building, wearing FW. We live in a building with a coffee shop so I was able to walk over and pick up coffees and donuts Sunday morning. Without going outside! 20170108_085716

Spend time reading! Okay, I spent time working/napping, and B read as did FW, but we can’t always do everything as a family.


AND enjoy some delicious New Mexican food with friends! Because friends who cook for you and feed you when it’s their birthday are the best.

20170108_183543 20170108_170048


I’m linking up with Katie and the weekly wraps.

4 thoughts on “My Weekend: Surviving 10 Degrees (and Sub-Zero) Temps with a Baby

  1. After my race was canceled and I could go anywhere because of the ice. I did t really know what to do with myself. By Sunday I was just like you and lil man going nuts inside.
    I love pizza so much. 😬 I’m sure yours is much better than my versions.

  2. I had the baby K’Tan as well and loved it for the newborn period. My babe outgrew it around 9 months. I just purchased a new soft structured carrier that I love though. Babywearing is so fun.

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