Training Tuesday: Birthday Week!

It was another great week of running- it started off warm with an outdoor run, but then quickly got cold (and I got lazy and decided to stay inside). Even with 2 days off and a  lot of treadmill action, I still got my goal- 20+ miles!

But first, some non-mileage highlights of the week!!

I found out I’m a Sparkly Soul Ambassador!! I’m beyond excited – ever since I was introduced to their headbands, I’ve been a fan. They’re so cute and stay up on my head, which isn’t easy 🙂


rocking my sparkly soul!

rocking my sparkly soul!

Also, this week the Cleveland Marathon introduced their shirts – they are GREAT! I am seriously excited to see these in person. Such a great color and design!

Now, onto the runs for this week. In terms of mileage, this week was 23.1 miles– appropriate, since my b-day (which was Monday)and lucky # is 23! The runs included:

Sunday: 6.25 miles outside!! Sunday was so warm – in the 50s, and I went for a run all by myself outside. It was the first time in forever (since before Christmas) that I had gone for a run outside without the stroller and felt GREAT.


Monday: 5.3 miles on the treadmill. Birthday run! I intended to run 3.2 miles, but ended up feeling pretty good and kept going! It was the best day to start my birthday (followed by breakfast out with B and FW).


Tuesday: 3.25 miles on the treadmill. 

Wednesday: 4.65 miles on the treadmill. 4.25 running and then a .4 mile cool down.


Thursday: 3.65 miles on the treadmill.

Friday: None – rest day!

Saturday: We had a busy day and I was not home from 8:30 until late that night so it became an unintended rest day.

 Total- 23ish miles!


Cheers to another great week of training and running!
Disclosure: As a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador, I receive complimentary race entry AND a free race entry to give away! I also get a cool t-shirt (should be here soon!) and invited to some special events. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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6 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Birthday Week!

  1. Happy Birthday week! I have never tried those headbands but I have heard good things. Maybe if you host a giveaway as an ambassador I can enter this year. 🙂

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