Fun-Filled Race Weekend

Phew, what a fun, busy, active weekend. From an 8k to wedding shower to Cleveland Asian Fest to a half marathon, there was plenty to look forward to. I’m be sharing a full race recap tomorrow, but here is a quick summary of my weekend, one-sentence-per-photo style.

Started off race weekend with the Expo with Cari!

She didn’t win anything from this Care Bear prize machine.

Then, time for the Cleveland Marathon Banquet!

LOVE seeing my fellow ambassadors – and this year was especially special!

Saturday morning started off with the 8k – and the first medal of the weekend.

Then, a bridal brunch for my beautiful friend Ali who is getting married!

Look, it’s my name on a sign at the Marathon Expo!

Later in the afternoon, it was time to check out Cleveland Asian Fest (while FW dozed).

And my pre-race fuel – a veggie burger (from Phuel).

Pre-half marathon photo.

Finishing strong! (or at least trying to)

Post-race family photo.

Happy Dog post-13.1 eats (there is a veggie dog under that egg and chili).

A little local grocery shopping.

We bought some meat for this week!

And then took a walk by the water.

Love these two goofballs!

Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you ran a half marathon?
  • Have you ever run an 8k?
  • Do you like veggie dogs?

I’m linking up with Katie and the weekly wraps.

5 thoughts on “Fun-Filled Race Weekend

  1. I always have so much trouble deciding between the veggie dog and the regular hot dog at Happy Dog! Love the fennel in the veggie dog but I always feel that the regular hot dog fills me up better. I guess I could just get one of each and take my leftovers home…

  2. I just did two half marathons in the past couple weeks LOL I have done a few 8K’s, and it’s an interesting distance. It’s a relatively “short” distance, but long enough you have to be careful to not cross the start line too fast.

  3. I love your post race family photo!
    I’ve never had a veggie dog and the last half marathon I did was the NYC half in March and it was Amazing! I did do one 8k in Williamsburg VA and it may have been the hottest race I’ve ever done so it was a

  4. I love photo recaps! my fave is the finish photo with the three of you ❤

    my last half marathon was in December, but I'm running my first on this year on Sunday! YAY!

    I *have* run an 8K as well! In February we have the "Midwinter Marathon" in Apeldoorn (though not a marathon distance at all LOL) and there is an 8K, 10 Mile or a 25KM you can participate in. I think long ago it used to have a marathon distance, nowadays it's used by many who are training for Rotterdam or Paris marathon. I like the distance, but I would prefer to do at least a 10K for a race – I used it myself for a training race for the Rotterdam 1/4 marathon.

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