Spending As Much Time Outside As Possible

After a pretty muggy and rainy week in Cleveland, we finally had some sunny weather and a beautiful weekend. Which meant we got to spend some time outside and enjoy some easy summer days.

The weekend started off with some playground time. FW loves swinging! And he’s started really moving – he was crawling all over the slides and other equipment.

After the playground, we decided to stop by the Tremont Walkabout, a local art walk.

FW liked the bubbles! 

And since we were in the neighborhood, we grabbed some slices at Edison’s. There was much pepperoni on the pizza!

And right across the street from Edison’s is Tremont Scoops. So naturally, I had a scoop of their Buckeye Blitz ice cream. Peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chunks and mini buckeyes. Yummmmm

Saturday morning started early- we headed over to the house to do some things. We had plans to go out for breakfast, but were running late. So instead, we decided to walk to lunch. I had a half summer salad, half BLT and it came with a side of quinoa. It was great! AND FW slept the entire time while B and I ate. 

Afterwards, it was time for my Ladies Craft Beer Society! For a refresher, once a month I get together with some lady friends and we all do a craft while drinking a craft beer. This month’s craft was sugar body scrubs, and our craft beer theme was summery, citrus beers. I can’t wait to try out the body scrub!

At night, B had plans to go to see the World Cup qualifying game that was playing downtown, so I was babysitting FW. We had some fun before he went to bed.

Sunday morning, B, FW and I took a walk. My hip/butt/something is still hurting so I’m trying to take it easy, but I wanted to go for a walk to see how it felt and get outside. After the walk, we decided to hit the beach!

FW wasn’t realllllly into it.

We then hit up one of my favorites, Boaz, for a quick lunch. Give me all of the baba and quinoa and picked turnips! YUM.

That night,  we enjoyed spending time with B’s family for Sunday night dinner.  And we ended our meal with ice cream sundaes – fitting for National Ice Cream Day!

Any weekend that includes ice cream twice is great in my book!

Questions for you:

  • Did you celebrate Ice Cream Day this weekend?
  • How’s your weather been lately?

I’m linking up with the weekly wraps!

6 thoughts on “Spending As Much Time Outside As Possible

  1. What a fun week! When the weather is nice you have to embrace it as much as possible! I also love the Ladies Craft Beer Society – I need a group like that in my life! Your little one is adorable!!

  2. I am originally form OH and make it a point to hit Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville for either the Tin Roof or Buckeye Sundae!!! You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanuts/peanutbutter!! I did enjoy some Smores Halo Top for National Ice Cream Day!!!

    The weather in FL is on point as usual this time of year…Hawt and Humid!!


  3. omg I’m so hungry now!!

    I didn’t know it was Ice Cream Day but I can assure that there was ice cream eaten on Sunday 😉

    the weather is typically Dutch. Coldish one day, warm the next, hot with rain showers the next. Nice and muggy. When it cools off people actually put on coats here. COATS. It’s not even cold enough to wear a jacket. This weekend, coming home from the city, we cycled past another biker wearing a Rudolph Christmas sweater. Seriously. We are one confused nation of people here!

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