Keeping Warm in the Burbs

It was another COLD weekend here in Cleveland. The temps were highs in the single digits, with windchills making it much much colder. It made it hard to want to go outside, but as you can imagine, with an 18-month-old energetic boy, staying inside all weekend is not an option.

Some highlights from the past few days:

FW had his 18-month checkup. He’s still a little guy, but everything looks a-okay. Plus his doctor’s office is decorated with jungle animals, which he quite enjoys!

FW and B made breakfast over the weekend! Scrambled eggs and some local nitrate-free bacon from a local butcher.

It was delicious!

We stayed bundled up inside and outside.

And even ventured out to Ohio City for lunch and a trip to the Market.

Jambalaya soup for me 🙂 

A few minutes in the snow.

Then it was back inside for some baking. FW likes these muffins and they’re pretty healthy – they’re spinach and banana. 

Yes, FW likes these – a fistful in his mouth!

I also made some almond butter. We had been running low and spending time indoors gave me some time to do so. 

I took Saturday off from exercise, but I did get a few miles – inside – on Sunday. It “warmed up” but was still “feels like -1” with winds 15 mph and higher, so I decided to stay inside. I am so so so grateful for my treadmill – I’ve been getting in many miles this week with it!

Also, while staying inside this weekend, B and I got up to speed on Game of Thrones. OMG … I can’t believe I will have to wait until 2019 for the next (and final!) season to come out.

So now we wait.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you watch Game of Thrones?
  • Were you stuck inside this weekend?

I’m linking up with the weekly wraps!

9 thoughts on “Keeping Warm in the Burbs

  1. We were pretty much stuck inside like you! There was running and then there was running for the shower and blankets. I’m looking forward to moderation!

    I’m impressed that your little guy will eat your spinach muffins! My boys (altho they are much older) won’t eat anything green…

  2. Those are very green muffins! They’ll be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! It looks like FW is a pretty good eater though. I think a lot of people used their treadmills this week. I had the same orange shoes in that TM picture but ended up giving them away. They didn’t give me enough support. I sure did like the color though. Thanks for linking!

  3. I was definitely thankful for the treadmill this week due to the weather. Hopefully next week will be better 🙂

    I really love those muffins! They look so healthy because they are green and I bet they taste super yummy too!

  4. I don’t know how ya’ll do it up there! Seemed pretty productive though! Kara is so into muffins these days and I usually just use kodiak mix but those look so fun! Thanks for linking the recipe! I haven’t made almond butter in forever… it’s so good! The weather here was “cold” (and by that I mean 30-45) but nothing bad at all. It snowed in northern Florida! Hoping you get warmer weather soon!

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