Friday Five: Why Do I Run?

Now that I’m nearly 30 weeks pregnant, it’s easy to forget why I run. Running has become harder and harder this time around, and I’m having a difficult time staying motivated.

Sometimes, I need to take a step back and remind myself why I run. How I got started. Where I’ve come from.

I hated running pretty much all my early life. I remember doing the presidential mile test in elementary school and walking the whole thing while chatting with the other girls who felt the same way. We drove our PE teacher CRAZY.

photo of me playing softball to prove how unathletic I was. I mean check out my shoes – do I look like I can run in those? (2nd from right on first row)

In high school, I did crew and indoor track, but not competitively. I ran with both of those, but just because I had to.

B and I post-first half marathon

It wasn’t until college that I started running on my own time – for me – and then after college – to stay in shape. I started small, and did my first 5k in college. My first half marathon came after college, and well, I was hooked. I’ve done countless races since, and running has become part of who I am. So even, now, the I’m running for two and having trouble keeping up the pace, and frankly, keep my legs moving with my growing bump, I can’t help but remember WHY I run.

some GREAT ladies I met thanks to running! (they’re all Skirt Sports ambassadors!)

I run because … (5 reasons why)

  1. Running makes me sane. Even on my most stressed out days, running somehow manages to help me out. It’s my therapy.
  2. Running helps me clear my brain. It helps me think and be one with myself.
  3. Running makes me feel strong and powerful. Even on the days I don’t have good runs, I remind myself that at least I’m doing something!
  4. Running has made me friends. I love all of my Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors, whom I never would have meet without running. And all my running buddies, who have kept me motivated throughout the years.
  5. Running is something for ME. Now that I’m a mom, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to do something just for myself. Running is one of those things and it reminds me that despite all the changes that have happened to me the past few years, I’M STILL ME.

post-run hugs with FW
Mid-run with FW
Questions for you:

  • Why do you run?
  • Any tips to keep on running while pregnant?


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14 thoughts on “Friday Five: Why Do I Run?

  1. Oh gosh, I loathed the Presidential Physical Fitness test when I was in school. I think we had to do it every year from 6th grade through graduation…and all the running components were simply dreadful.

  2. I ran high school track and I didn’t like it. I was a sprinter and back then I thought 3 miles was too far….haha. I think I really got into running after college and enjoyed longer distances. it wasn’t until I joined a running group when I moved that I got inspired to sign up for marathons. Great job trying to keep up with your running. I can’t imagine how hard that can be while being pregnant.

  3. I was not a runner when I was pregnant. I am always so impressed by the moms in our MRTT group that keep it going. I think you have to really listen to your body. We all feel differently while pregnant. Love the Skirt Sports photo!

  4. I think all of my reasons are the same as your reasons! I would just add that running gets me outside, enjoying the weather (good and bad), and nature. I’ve never been pregnant so no tips on that… just do what works for you and don’t compare yourself to other pregnant runners! Happy Friday!

  5. These are GREAT reasons to run. And I’m so glad I got to meet you — without running that never would have happened!!

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