This Post Is Mainly Food: One Sentence Per Photo

After looking through my photos from the weekend, I realized that it was nearly all food. Yup, all my photos from this weekend are food. With a side of Easter. So here we go- a food-centric post for Easter, one sentence per photo.

FW got to FaceTime with Uncle Greg while he was in the U.S. for a bit – of course while eating his dinner.

The 3 of us went out for some vegan food and I had a really good vegan gyro at Cleveland Vegan.

FW didn’t really like his vegan chocolate chip pancakes. 

I baked – this lemon blueberry cake/bread is reallllly good.

Saturday was brunch with the girls – courtesy of my friend Cuoghi, whose fiancé is a chef – so naturally we started with some donuts. 

And three different kinds of deviled eggs. 

And then two salads (because obviously we need our greens and beets). 

I ordered the French toast – I definitely enjoyed it. 

The steak and eggs was the winning dish, though, which makes sense since we were at steak house. 

Shrimp and grits and pulled pork was pretty good too.

We spent the afternoon chair shopping for the new baby’s room.

And since it was nice out, we spent some time outside!

After a nap, it was time to color eggs with Grandma.

We also played with her dancing bunny and got excited for Easter!

FW and B were twins for the day (wearing the same clothes), in case you couldn’t tell.

Easter Sunday meant finding Easter eggs in the house!

Followed by church, and then a loooooooong brunch with B’s family – we got home at 5:45!

But weren’t just eating, we were posing for photos, too.

And petting dogs.

And even took a short walk to the lake when we were done.

It was seasonably cold for Easter (especially after being 50s on Saturday!), but still great to be outside. And now – on to April!!!

Some questions for you:

  • If you celebrate Easter, do you do an Easter egg hunt?
  • Do you have any recliners or comfy reclining/rocking chair recommendations?
  • Was it warm this weekend near you? It was 50s on Saturday! And then down to 30s on Sunday 😦 

I’m linking up with the weekly wraps!

9 thoughts on “This Post Is Mainly Food: One Sentence Per Photo

  1. The lemon blueberry bed looks amazing! We did an egg hunt…I know for certain we didn’t find them all. We have a comfy sectional….No room for a chair lol. I’m in Florida and it was close to 80… Unfortunately my AC isn’t working 😂

  2. I hope your pregnancy is going well and you feel wonderful. You look lovely! I adore deviled eggs and make them often but I use Ranch dressing in mine as nobody likes mayo around here. FW looks like he is the perfect age for hunting eggs. I’m still finding eggs in the yard from last Easter. LOL. Happy Easter and thanks for linking!

  3. Mmmmmm I guess I’m eating 2nd breakfast now bc all that made me hungry! Love the family photo ❤ We did an egg hunt- they are at the perfect age for that! I remember looking for the rocker in Kara's room… I sat in SO MANY chairs- it had to be perfect, I knew I'd be spending a lot of time in it, haha.

    • For my first one, we didn’t get a special baby chair – we had a small living room so we just moved our La-z boy recliner chair into the baby room. It was so great and comfy – i loved it! So i decided this time around to get another one – it’s more pricey than I would’ve wanted to spend, but I figure it has life beyond baby and is just as comfy. No need for a special glider or baby chair – just something comfortable. We got a recliner/rocker.

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