Cleveland Half Marathon Training: Week Four

I can’t believe it’s less than 60 days to the Cleveland half marathon … that means I’m 25% through with my training! It hardly feels like the race is so soon – perhaps because it still felt like winter this week?

For my long run this week, it was in the 20s when I started … and “feels like” was 17! I’m used to that in December, but at the end of March.

Here is how the week looked:

I felt pretty good during my long run Saturday, but can’t imagine going any faster or further yet. We will see how next week goes. Hopefully I won’t have to break out my winter running socks again.

Some questions for you:

  • Is it spring near you yet?
  • Do you wear special socks in the winter?

Note: I am a Cleveland marathon ambassador! That means I get free race entry for me, and a free race entry to giveaway. Wanna run CLE with me? Don’t forget, I have a 10% discount for you!

clé marathon discount

Today, I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

9 thoughts on “Cleveland Half Marathon Training: Week Four

  1. I wear Balega socks all the time and in the winter I wear the wool blend ones that come up a bit higher right above my ankle. Wow can’t believe it’s still so cold there! Great week of workouts for you

  2. It looks like you are right on track with your training! I’m not so picky about my running socks, but I defintely wear wool socks for what little winter cycling I do.

  3. In the winter I tend to wear Darn Tough tall ski socks when I run outdoors. Spring is hinting but then we got a huge dump of snow last week 😦 Keep up the good work with your half marathon training!

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