Weekly Running Recap: Back At It

I am BACK from vacation. Yup, back at work, back at early morning runs and boy am I TIRED. Last week was the MLB All Star Game in Cleveland, and B ended up going to 3 nights of events for that (Sunday, Monday and then the game on Tuesday), which just made me tired.

I’ve definitely noticed a pattern in terms of how much sleep I get and how I’m able to run. Many of these runs were a STRUGGLE this week, mostly because I was going to bed past 11 and waking up at some point in the night when FW or LM got up. So when the 4:50 alarm went off I was pooped! My legs were tired, as was I. Here’s to hoping this week is a little less crazy at work and home and I get some more sleep!

Here is a look at my mileage this week:

Some highlights from the week include:

It was humid many mornings. I know 75 isn’t HOT but it was 80%+ humidity at 5 a.m.!

Seeing LOTS of deer. Several days I saw a momma deer and two babies. But one day, I saw a male deer, which doesn’t typically happen!

Monday morning, I got in more than 5 miles at a pace I was happy about. FW then went for a run that night around the block with us, so we got in 2ish runs 🙂

Saturday was an off day. But I still managed to get in my 11,000+ step goal, thanks to a walk we took as a family!

Some questions for you:

  • How early do you wake up to run?
  • Do you notice a difference in how much sleep you get and how your runs feel?
  • Do you have a step goal you set for yourself?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap: Back At It

  1. Yeah, the humidity has been oppressive throughout the day here in Chicago too- even starting around 5am we can’t catch a break! Hope you get more sleep this week 🙂

  2. Well, I’m an early-morning riser (and often times a night owl as well). I function alright with 5ish hours of sleep, and am usually awake (before my alarm) around 5:00, I get up earlier on the mornings when I meet my friend for our 5-milers. It was in the low 70’s here one morning, but the 200% humidity really made it feel much hotter LOL

  3. i really struggle with running when I don’t sleep well! AND I rarely sleep well these days thanks to menopause and night sweats. so, yeah, it’s going really well…

    My goal in the coming months is to at least try to do one early morning recovery run, in that case I’ll have to be out the door around 5:30-ish.

    I’m also back at work after vacation. Lots of coffee needed today!

  4. Well, my alarm goes off at 4:40 am, but I tend to hit snooze at least once. 🙂 On weekends I’ve been getting up at 6. It’s not early enough to beat the heat these days, though. You had a great week!

  5. Sleep definitely makes a HUGE difference, especially when battling this heat and humidity! I try to get to bed no later than 10 when I need to wake up at 5am to run, which is most days lately…
    I definitely try to sleep more when I have a long or hard day but things don’t always work out as planned! Looks like you had a good week despite your lack of sleep. Here’s to hoping you get more this week!

  6. I do my long runs at 6AM which is rough but necessary with the heat. I’m not as good about getting up early to ru on weekdays, though I have no issues getting up early to do classes for some reason…

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