Weekly Running Recap: Back from Vacation

Well, I’m back from Chicago and back from vacation and back in the grind. Which means, back to my normal everyday workouts. Here is a look at my mileage this week:

Some highlights from the week include:

I actually did something other than running! When I was still in Chicago, I did a circuit training workout with my friend Melgar. We did a mileish warmup on the treadmill, and then did a full-body Nike+ workout at the hotel gym. We looked ridiculous but it was so fun to do something other than run AND it was fun to get in a workout with friends.

Saturday I got in a short stroller run/walk to a playground for a picnic with FW and LM. No running photos from that, but instead, pics at the park.

Some questions for you:

  • How many days do you do something other than run?
  • How often do you workout with friends?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Running Recap: Back from Vacation

  1. Awesome job getting right back to your workouts after vacation! I usually do strength training 2-3 a week. If I do too much running I get bored so I always have to mix things up.

  2. I have been doing a lot of biking (at least for me) this summer, so that’s been happening on the average three times/week. I also try to get in a HIIT workout or strength training once a week (rotated in with speedwork).

  3. Lately I’ve only been running once a week, so …. I am going to try for 3 times this week! I haven’t worked out with a friend in a while. It’s so much fun when it happens. You look like you are having a blast!

  4. As marathon training picks up it gets harder to do other things besides running but I try to do at least one spin or orange theory class a week and ideally some yoga too….

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