LM is Two

My baby girl is two.

Born on her due date, coming into the world just a few minutes after we got to the hospital and before we even had a chance to officially check in, she has somehow grown into a sassy, opinionated, moody 2-year-old.

I won’t do a sappy post right now – there are too many emotions going on in my head right now anyway (#thankscovid), but instead, a simple post about how we celebrated the birthday.

Birthdays are a little different right now. No parties, no gatherings of families or friends, no big potlucks or celebrations. Still, we wanted to make sure LM enjoyed her special day. So, we planned a few fun ways to celebrate. And yes, there were still treats involved, because as we learned at LM’s first birthday, treats are her favorite!

What did our celebrations entail? First, it included a trip to the zoo! Our zoo has been closed since March (and still officially is), but they recently opened for a special event, a drive thru visit. We were able to get tickets this week and enjoyed going on Saturday.

It included a LONG wait in the car but it was worth it! Both kids really enjoyed driving through the zoo and seeing the animals. Plus, they pretty much stayed out of their seats the entire time, which was a fun experience for them.  And, it felt great to support the zoo because we’re there so much when it’s not closed. I know they’ve had a rough time because they still have to feed animals, pay trainers, etc. and don’t have their usual revenue stream.

Oh yeah, and there were donuts involved this weekend, too. Because right near the zoo is one of our favorite donut shops. So we had some socially distant donuts with friends!

We also enjoyed some time on the swings at B’s parents’ house, meaning we were able to get in some time outdoors (again, socially distant) with the grandparents.

We took a bike ride to the bagel shop! Well B and the kids biked – I ran there and then they biked next to me while I ran back. Bagels are LM’s favorite breakfast.

The day also included some water table time and bubbles. Because when it’s 80 degrees, there’s nothing better than some time outside with water!

When I asked LM what she wanted for her birthday (as a gift), she replied, “Cookies.” I asked her what kind of cake she wanted? and she said, “Cookies.”

So, she not only got cookies, but also a cookie cake!

All in all, I think LM had a good birthday. I hope she feels special and knows how much we love her, especially during these crazy times!




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