My Most Mileage In One Week

I did it! I broke 40 miles in one week. For me, this was a big deal. My highest mileage week this year was around 39, and even when I trained for the Cleveland Marathon, my highest mileage week for training was just 40. But this week, thanks to some solo and stroller runs, and some days of more than one run in a day, I was able to get to my all-time high of 43.2 miles! And, I’m still streaking – I’m at 44 days of running in a row.

Here’s a look at the week as a whole:

And some more about my runs during the week:

Sunday, Friday and Saturday included double run days. Sunday, the kids woke up early, and I got in a slow run (with some walking) with the double jogging stroller while B slept. I hadn’t done a real stroller run that I can remember since January, and never with the double stroller. It’s not a real running stroller so it was heavy and awkward to push — and running with two kids is no joke! Then, after B got up, I got in a 5K by myself. 

they weren’t thrilled by the end

Friday, I ran in the morning before work, and then after dinner, we went over to my sister-in-law’s house as she was packing to get ready to move. We brought them over dinner and B took the kids in the bike while I ran over (and home). 

Saturday included a run with LM in the stroller! I don’t know the last time I took her out alone, and she made it nearly 40 minutes without whining too much. After taking her out, B took the kids over to his parents house to see them (still 6 feet apart), so I ran there (2 miles) and back. 

Some questions for you:

  • Do you ever run with a stroller? Double stroller?
  • What’s your highest mileage week?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


8 thoughts on “My Most Mileage In One Week

  1. During marathon training I’ve hit 40 miles a few times.
    With no races to train for, I’m struggling with motivation.
    How do you do it?
    I’m looking for some good advice.

  2. 40 miles is a lot! I don’t think I’ve ever run that much in one week. I didn’t start running until my kids were older, so I never had to push a stroller. I’m in awe of women who do!

  3. I have never run that much in a week and don’t think I ever will! Nice job and fantastic that you can still get your kids to cooperate with stroller runs. Have a great week and thanks for linking up

  4. I honestly cannot remember my highest weekly mileage, but am pretty sure it wasn’t in the 40 range (probably 30?). I’ve never been a high-mileage gal, so anything above 25 is “high” for me LOL Great job!

  5. Amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that high!

    I have never run with a stroller, double or otherwise. I am sure it adds quite a bit of extra challenge to the workout!

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