October, Here We Come

Does anyone else feel like they blinked and September came and went? Maybe it’s because Labor Day was so late … maybe it’s because of the pandemic? Or maybe because I hate winter and know it’s coming … but I feel like September was gone before it even started. 

And with that, the cooler weathers have come! We haven’t (thankfully) hit freezing yet, but I know that’s what’s coming soon. And while I don’t love this weather for hanging out, I do love it for running! I’m at 163 days of the running streak and my September total mileage was 158.26 miles. Not quite as high as the past few months, but with my foot slowing me down, I’ll take it.

This week I got in some good miles – walking AND running. I’m still having some pretty bad plantar fasciitis issues with my left foot and I’m trying to roll it out on an icy water bottle, a golf ball, tennis ball, etc. I massage it and try to wear sneakers around the house. Next up, trying NSAIDs to see if that helps. Anyway, with that, here’s what the week looked like:

Here are some highlights from the runs.

Sunday, FW and I got out with the stroller again. This time, we didn’t run to the bagel shop, but instead, just went to the old park area that we used to run at. We brought masks and FW was great about putting his on when we got too close to people. But, we went early enough that there were few people out.

We were so early, that we ran by a COMPLETELY empty playground, and decided to stop and play there. Before last week, we had been to zero playgrounds since the pandemic. I’ve mentioned that we have pretty much been staying in except for outdoor movie nights and seeing few people (sometimes with masks). So, playgrounds have been off limits. But I’m so glad we went – there was nobody there and we washed up/sanitized afterwards and FW WAS SO HAPPY! B and LM met us and brought coffee and pastries and it was the perfect start to our Sunday. 

The week ended with my fastest miles in a while. I haven’t been running my normal speeds (low 9 min/miles for easy runs) since February and with my foot like it is, I don’t know when that will return.

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your favorite season?
  • Do you ever count your walks within your mileage?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.



6 thoughts on “October, Here We Come

  1. Sorry that you still have plantar fasciitis issues in your foot 😦 I hope that it starts to feel better soon – it sounds like you’re doing all the right things to help it heal!

  2. September did go quickly. I’m not sure what’s happening with time. October can linger.

    One thing that always worked for me with PF was to alternate foot baths of ice and hot water. Ten seconds in each, switching back and forth until you start to feel your pulse in your arch. Just a thought.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Fall is my favorite season, and October is my favorite month! Yay on the playground time. I look back and wonder if we really needed to close playgrounds back in March, but then see how people don’t take precautions seriously, and figure it probably was for the best. I hope you can chase the PF away.

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