Weekly Running Update: Halfway Through 21 Days To Commit to CLE

Last week, I mentioned that I was doing a 21 Day Challenge with the Cleveland Marathon. The first few weeks have gone well and I can’t believe I’m more than halfway done! (Which means we’re more than halfway through January … yikes) Here are some highlights from this week’s challenge and how it has been going.

Sunday (Challenge Day 9): 20 minutes of stretching, foam rolling, yoga, etc.

What I did: Since I had run 7.5 miles on Saturday, I knew I needed to take this day seriously. But those of you that know me know that I don’t do yoga and rarely stretch. So, I started the day with an easy/slow 4 mile run, and then did some foam rolling (OUCH that hurt), and a Yoga for Runners video. LM saw me doing yoga and even tried to join in 🙂 

Monday (Challenge Day 10): This challenge was inspired by the Browns playoff win against the Steelers! (Go Browns!!) The numbers were based on the halftime and final scores of the game. We were supposed to do 2-4 circuits of 35 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 48 alternating walking lunges and 37 second plank hold.

What I did: I got in 5.35 miles of running outside and then did the circuits. My legs were SORE from the walking lunges and I may have lost count a few times, but I know it was a good way to do something different than I typically do (which is just run).

Tuesday (Challenge Day 11): Share a healthier sweet recipe

What I did: I got in 5.13 miles of running and then of course had to share my new muffin recipe. It’s kid-approved and a sweet breakfast dessert (that’s totally a thing).  I was EXCITED about this challenge — I love baking and I had just tried a new muffin recipe that I knew I had to share as part of this day’s challenge. So, here it is — healthyish banana zucchini muffins. They’re sweet enough that my kids call them “treat muffins” but have healthier ingredients like honey, zucchini, banana white whole wheat flour. Yum! 

Wednesday (Challenge Day 12): Research running fuel/share your fueling options

What I did: 5.25 mile run and then shared some of my favorite running fuel! I love nuun and it shows 🙂 They even had a sale earlier this week on Amazon! After my run I also did some lunges, pushups, jumping jacks and a plank. 

Thursday (Challenge Day 13): Interval run — Warm-Up, 5 min easy, 5 min fast, 5 min easy, 5 min fast, 5 min easy, 5 min fast, Cool-Down

What I did: I decided to use my Garmin and set up a workout – I’ve never done that before! I had some issues with the warmup, so I ran a mile and then had to start the workout again. In total I got in 5.37 miles. I tried to do the “easy” and “fast” based on heart rate, too (something I’ve been paying more attention to during my workouts), but it didn’t really work as well. Once my  heart rate got up, it was hard to get it down! I finished the workout with some pushups, a plank, squats and jumping jacks. 

Friday (Challenge Day 14): 30 minutes of easy workout (walking, jogging, yoga, stretching) to rest your body before Saturday

What I did: I got in a 4.2 mile run and a 1.75 mile walk. I tried to take it easy, still getting in my step goal (11,000) but knowing I had a long run coming the next day.

Saturday (Challenge Day 15): Run one mile longer than you went the week before (I had run 7.5 the previous Saturday)

What I did: 8.5 miles. And, it wasn’t easy. I was cursing myself for having done 7.5 the week before. Of course, I made it a mile and it started snowing and turned the ground into an icy, slippery mess by about 1 mile in. I had plans to run home and finish on the treadmill but managed to finish outside. I found some clear streets and ran back and forth on them several times. It wasn’t the most exciting course, but in my mind, it was still better than hopping on the treadmill. I was rewarded after the run with new groceries and a bagel – B had picked up our weekly groceries AND fresh bagels while I was out!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s your go-to running fuel?
  • Has it been snowy near you?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Running Update: Halfway Through 21 Days To Commit to CLE

  1. Sounds like you are finding lots of motivation from your challenge which is great! solid week for you. Feel free to link up your muffin recipe tomorrow on my Monday linkup. The more the merrier!

  2. My go-to pre-run snack for a long run is PB on a Quaker rice cake (that’s the only brand I like). We are in a snow drought here, according to the weather folks.

    So will you have run another mile further next week? 😉

  3. We actually watched part of the Cleveland game last weekend, and we’re not really NFL fans. That was an exciting victory! Great job on the Challenge…looks like a lot of fun things to do and try 😉

  4. Ooh, those muffins look yummy.

    During a run, I like Justin’s almond butter and Nuun. Yummy and just the perfect pick-me-up.

    After a run, I love a Dunkin Iced Coffee (cream no sugar), and scrambled eggs. Or pancakes. I do love me some pancakes.

  5. Wow, that challenge sounds really fun! Nice way to spice things up. In the summer I drink Nuun after every run and it really helps. During long runs my favorite gels are Hammer espresso flavor- so good.
    Can’t wait to hear about next week’s challenges!

  6. Great job on your workouts last week – stay safe on those snowy runs! We had one snow storm in mid-December, but so far January has been snow-free.

    I like to eat a banana and/or half of a bagel with a thin layer of peanut butter on it prior to my longer runs or rides. During my long workouts, my go-to fuel is Honey Stinger gels or chews.

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