Too Many More Weeks of Winter

Have you ever seen Groundhog Day? It’s a movie I thoroughly enjoy (I love almost all time travel, time loop, etc. movies and books) and a few days this week felt like I was living in the movie itself. Not only was Groundhog Day this week coincidentally, but there were a few days this week that felt the same. Went to bed, snowing. Woke up, snowing. Snow day for all three kids (daycare and school was closed). Repeat.  

Once again, though, I’m grateful for my treadmill! We had one seasonably warm day – Wednesday – before another 15 inches of snow dropped on us, but I wasn’t able to get outside and run with the baby sleeping. But thanks to the treadmill, I was able to run indoors! AND — on Saturday, I had plans to attend the Cleveland Marathon Kickoff Run. They had to change the course due to the weather and unplowed streets, but it was my first outdoor run in 2+ weeks and it was great to run with people!

Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday: 4.5 treadmill miles + snowy walk with the kids

Monday: 5 treadmill miles

Tuesday: 5.2 treadmill miles + walk

Wednesday: 5.03 treadmill miles 

Thursday: 4.3 treadmill miles 

Friday:  5.06 treadmill miles  

Saturday:    2.84 OUTDOOR MILES

Total mileage:  32.4 miles 

I didn’t do much besides running this week. I was able to fit in a plank most day, plus a few tricep dips, and a few walks. We got outside for a walk on Sunday, and it was great to finally be outside! The kids did great and we even got to walk on a frozen lake, which they loved.


This was Sunday on our snowy walk on the snow lake, before our additional snow storm.

Saturday, I got outside for a group run in the snow. It was sunny but COLD and I’m so glad I got outside again! 

Questions for you:

  • Do you like time travel/time loop books or movies? Any faves to recommend?
  • How often do you do group runs?

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Too Many More Weeks of Winter

  1. Group runs are the best! Ours is not big but I do run with at least 1 or 2 people on most of my runs. The miles go by so much faster

  2. Groundhog day is a GREAT movie! Not so great to live it though. A treadmill is an absolute necessity when you’re dealing with winter and small kids, and you made the most of it! Glad you got out for that Saturday run though.

  3. Did you read The Book of Two Ways (Jodi Picoult). It’s not quite time travel but ….

    I’ve gotten used to running in the upper 20s, but I am frustrated with the sheets of ice on our sidewalks. It’s not aways safe to dip into the street, so I have to stop and shuffle across the ice.

    Great runs for you!

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