Snowy Sidewalks

Man, another week down and another week of SNOWY, icy, and unclear sidewalks. So once again, I opted for the treadmill this week. The good news was, I was able to get outside for a walk with the kids on Sunday! 


I love that they still don’t mind (for the most part) getting outside, even when it’s cold and snowy. I hope it warms up and melts soon, though, because the sidewalks have not made it easy to walk!

Here’s what this week looked like:

Sunday: 6 treadmill miles and a snowy walk with the kids — I felt great running on the treadmill this day! It’s amazing what an extra hour of sleep will do. 

Monday: 4.5 treadmill miles and a walk

Tuesday: 4.72 treadmill miles  

Wednesday: 5 treadmill miles plus a walk

Thursday: 3.65 treadmill miles 

Friday:  5 treadmill miles plus some tricep dips. My daughter came down with a stomach flu, which interrupted my other workout plans for the day.

Saturday: 3.1 treadmill miles. I ran while my brother – in town from Germany! – watched G. It was great to get in a few indoor miles (outside was “feels like 1” and super icy) and have someone else watching the baby. 

Then, we got in 2+ mile walk to get some bubble tea with my brother. It was chilly and icy but blue skies!

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 12.08.11 PM

Total mileage: 31.97 miles  

Questions for you:

  •  Do you like bubble tea?
  • Did you get outside this week?

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