Saying Goodbye to October

I can’t believe we’re already in November — what happened to summer?

In terms of running, October was alright. It had its ups and downs, including:

  • It was one of my lower mileage months this year, and I finished with around 115 miles run.
  • I did do one race, a 5K, with a time at 25:30 that I was proud of – it was fast for me right now. AND it was a family race, so it was fun to have the kids do the 1 mile with B.
  • I got in my diastasis recti exercises several times most weeks – yay! And I prioritized it, thus some of the fewer miles.
  • For the most part, we had GREAT weather and some beautiful day with gorgeous leaves.  
  • It was DARK. Dark on most of my runs, which made getting out of bed extra hard. Again, thus some of the fewer miles.

And now, onto November! Here’s how the week looked:

Sunday:  3.35 miles before an early day of fun family activities! We had plans to meet up with friends at 9:30 for brunch (kid-friendly) and then hit up a playground, so I woke up a little early just to get in a short run before I had to get everyone up and ready.


Monday: 4 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises before work, then lots of walking for Halloween! The weather ended up being in the 60s and clear so it was the perfect evening for trick-or-treat!


Tuesday: 4.02 miles and diastasis recti ab exercises

Wednesday: 5.19  miles and diastasis recti ab exercises

Thursday5.1 miles and diastsis recti ab exercisesThat night was FW’s first cross country meet – he ran a mile in 8:13. I was so proud of him – I definitely couldn’t run that fast when I was 6!


Friday: 4.35 miles running and then lots of walking (3+ miles) with the family during the day. I had the day off so we went for a walk near the beach, and then later in the day for errands. 


Saturday: 4 mile run and ~2 mile walk in the afternoon. It was another truly gorgeous day, in the mid-70s!


Total: 30.01 mi running


Some questions for you:

  • Has it been unseasonably warm near you too?
  • Do you know anyone who ran NY this weekend?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

5 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to October

  1. Our weather, up until Friday, was gorgeous last week. I don’t mind the chilly fall mornings when they morph into warm & sunny afternoons 😉

  2. Waaaay too hot here- but that’s what I get for living in Florida. I’m impressed with your son- he’s speedy! Sounds like you had a great month- getting in those DR exercises will pay off in the long run.

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