Starting off the New Year positive

Well, 2023 didn’t quite start as planned. For all of you that started off the new year with new goals and are still going strong – congratulations! Our new year started off positive – but in a different way. It started off with sickness and then positive COVID tests for our household. This is our first time catching COVID (yes, we made it three years into the pandemic somehow), and luckily it has been mild for us all. 

That said, it still has thrown off our schedule, workouts, and everything else this week. With all the kids home thanks to our quarantine, plus trying to work full time, I knew I had to get in some workouts this week just for my sanity. 

Sunday: 3.83 miles — I stayed up until after midnight to ring in the new year and was TIRED. But glad to use one of my last days off to get in a few miles. run.

Monday: 3.47 miles — I wasn’t feeling great, but hadn’t taken the COVID test out and went for a run, not knowing why I wasn’t feeling well. I got in some festive miles to celebrate the new year — see what I did? My run spelled 2023 🙂 


Tuesday: 3.5 treadmill miles and ab workout  –  It was back to the grind! Luckily, with FW off school thanks to COVID, I got to sleep in until 6!! It was pouring rain out so I opted for a few miles on the treadmill before getting ready to work from home with the kids.

Wednesday – 3.51 miles and ab workout – It was WARM out and I got in a few miles with capris on, again getting to sleep late.

Thursday – 5.33 total miles combined and ab workout – I got in a run by myself, and then FW asked to go for a run with me! We did about 1.6 together walking/running and I was so happy he had asked to run. Feeling lucky that he’s had a mild case of COVID and wanted to get out of the house. 


Friday:  2.54 miles  I wanted to rest after running most days this week, but the kids were up early with a nightmares, having to go to the bathroom, etc. so I decided to just get outside and run a few miles before starting my day anyway. It always feels weird when I run less than 3 miles, but I did it anyway. 

Saturday:  1 indoor mile and then 2 mile walk.  It was cold and snowy, and I woke up still feeling icky and with a headache, and wasn’t in the mood to go outside in the snow and run with y head or the weather. Luckily, I was able to drag the family for a snowy walk and we were able to enjoy a few miles outside.  

Total mileage:  23.18 mi

Questions for you:

  • What’s the minimum mileage you can run that feels good? For me it’s 3-5 miles. 
  • Have you had covid yet?

 l am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

10 thoughts on “Starting off the New Year positive

  1. Sorry you all got sick this week. Sound like it was pretty mild for all of you and hope everyone is feeling better. I also don’t really feel like running less than 3 miles is worth getting up and prepped for. Hope you all are back to normal this week ahead!

  2. Sorry covid found your family. I’ve heard the current variant is pretty contagious. Glad you all got mild cases at least.

    I feel like I “need” to run 3 miles for it to be worth it. Peloton has so many 20 min treadmill workouts, but instead of getting me used to less mileage, I just take more than one class.

  3. Oh, I love the 2023 running map! I never think to do stuff like that. Sorry Covid paid your family an unwelcome visit…hopefully you all will be recovered soon.

  4. That 2023 running map is amazing. Well done!

    I”m so sorry to hear your whole family is sick with Covid. Hope you recover quickly! We didn’t get Covid (that we know of) until October 2022. I started getting sick on the last day of our Maine/Vermont gravel cycling adventure and my husband got sick two days later. Luckily, we both had mild cases as well.

  5. I had Covid in August and it was pretty mild–I had mostly GI symptoms. But wow, did I sleep well when I had it! Glad to hear you’re feeling well enough to run. I did have to take a week off due to the fatigue.

  6. Ugh- that’s not the kind of “positive” you want to start the year with! But you got in some good runs- when I had Covid (about a year ago) I really couldn’t run- I remember going out (before I knew I had Covid) and I couldn’t make it through 2 miles. Well, hopefully you’re all over it and will be immune for a while.

  7. So sorry to hear you all got sick. Glad it was a mild case and you’re all feeling better. I love the 2023 Garmin map image. I’ve always wanted to do one but not sure how to go about it.

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