Starting Half Marathon Training

While last week I wrote about having surgery, this week I’m back at it and starting half marathon training! As you may recall, I’ll be running the Cleveland half marathon at the end of May. I’m a race ambassador (I also have a giveaway going on until midnight EST TONIGHT on my Instagram!) and get free entry into the race. I’ll be doing the Challenge Series, 5K on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday. So this week kicked off my first week of training. 

My goals for this week were to do:

  • Speed training: 30 minute tempo run
  • Long run: 6 miles (hey, the training is just starting!)
  • Core work most days
  • 2-3 other runs, 30-50 minutes each

Here’s how the week turned out:

Sunday: 4.39 miles, plus two walks  – I decided to see how my body felt after surgery and go for a run in the morning. I was surprised with how good I felt, and after the run I got in two walks later in the day. It was chilly but sunny and ended up being a beautiful day.  

Here was the beautiful day — before the snow came in later in the week. Ugh!

Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 11.30.05 AM

Monday: 4.3 miles and ab workout – Just another run outside in the dark. The good news is, it’s getting brighter earlier! 

Tuesday: 4.03 miles and ab workout  –  Another outdoor run with decent weather. Still chilly, but dry skies.

Wednesday: 6.25 miles and ab workout and 1.5 mile walk later in the day – In looking at the weather for the weekend (snow! ugh!), I made the decision to get in my “long” run on Wednesday. It was also the day I took over the Cleveland Marathon’s instagram handle, so it inspired me to get in a decent run. I was surprised at how well it went, since I hadn’t run that long in a while! Oh yes, and here’s a plug to my giveaway – only live for a few more hours!

Thursday: 3.54 miles and ab workout and  2+ mile walk later in the day –  

Friday: –  3.5 treadmill miles, under 10 minute/mile pace for each but with breaks –  I’ll call this an unintentional speed workout? I got in 3 miles and wanted to do each mile a little fast for me, but it was snowing and sleeting so I had to stay inside. But GM woke up early, so I didn’t get to run before he was up, meaning when I hopped on the treadmill he was not happy. So I got in one mile, and then when he went to daycare, I got in 2 more miles. In between the next two miles I had to break up a fight between my older kids. It was one of those days that I was glad to have a treadmill, but also remembered WHY I run outside when possible, or before the kids get up.   

This is what I was going to run in — treadmill was a better option:

Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 11.26.49 AM

Saturday:  3.15 easy miles  I ran early, before our weekend activities started, and it was a world of ice! The snow hadn’t stuck, but the wetness had turned to some icy roads. I found it easy to stick to a few trails but then headed home early and called it a day.

Total mileage: 29ish mi

Questions for you:

  • Want to enter my giveaway? 🙂 🙂 
  • Did you get more wintry weather this week again? 

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

12 thoughts on “Starting Half Marathon Training

  1. Yes on the snow. And a lot more coming this week.

    Good luck with your training.

    I’m not sure when I can return to running.

    Hoping maybe not to DNS my 4th half this year in May.

  2. We did get more snow this week–as soon as I came home from California. Sigh. I’m still trying to get in some quality miles for April’s trail race. The weather is not cooperating with that at all!

  3. You had a great week of running! Nice job getting that long run in on Wednesday when you could. Glad everything is feeling good, and yes- the treadmill can be a blessing and a curse. But you got it done.

  4. It’s great that you were able to get back at it so quickly after surgery. Even though I don’t love running or walking on my treadmill, I’m always grateful that I have it when I need it.

  5. Glad you are feeling so good after your surgery.

    Now that we’re back to dark o’clock mornings, I’ll be back to running on my tread. We had a brief period of snowy sleet today, but it’s in the 40s, so no ice — unless it freezes overnight.

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