Taking a Little Time Off

This should be a blog post about finishing off February strong, and kicking off Cleveland Half Marathon training. I always start training when the first week of March hits, but this year is a little different … but before I go to far into that, I do have some February highlights to share:  

Here are some February highlights:

Total running mileage: 118.93

Other activities: Some walks, ab exercises 3-5 days/week every week, and one group run – the Cleveland Marathon Kickoff run

And then this week looked like this:

Sunday: 4.02 early miles and then a family walk– I hate setting my alarm on weekends, but it was our church’s annual pancake breakfast, so we decided to go to an early mass before pancakes. I was glad to have gotten in some miles before the sugar rush and crash that came later on. We also got in a mile+ family walk after pancakes in some sunshine. The kids don’t love family walks as much as they used to, so I was grateful to get in more than a mile and some nice weather. 


Monday: 4.06 miles and ab workout — Just another run outside in the dark. The good news is, it’s getting brighter earlier! 

Tuesday: 4.53 miles and ab workout  –  Another outdoor run with decent weather. Still chilly, but dry skies.

Wednesday – 4.65 miles and ab workout – I got in a few miles right before it started to rain/snow. I finished up on the treadmill and of course, the rain/snow stopped later on in the day and it ended up being beautiful in the afternoon!

Thursday – DAY OFF – I took my first day off since the beginning of February thanks to having to get SURGERY. It was a quick surgery – in and out in one day – but I couldn’t eat or drink anything beforehand and had to get anesthesia, so I didn’t run before the procedure. And after, I was sore and tired – anesthesia knocked me out!


Friday: –  no run, 2 walking miles –  After surgery, I decided to take it easy. I was sick of resting/being in the house, so I did get in a nice two mile walk with LM and my parents, who came into town again to help out after my surgery. It was chilly but nice to get outside before resting again most of the day.  

Saturday:  3.11 easy miles  I had the all clear to run from my doctor if I felt up to it, so I went outside for a few miles. It felt good to be out there, but a 5K was pushing it. I’m glad it’s just March and I can get my fitness up for the Cleveland Half Marathon in a few months! 

Speaking of Cleveland marathon – stay tuned this week, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for ANY of the races on my Insta —  @koskim!

Total mileage:  20.37 mi – less than usual, but after surgery, I think I’m okay with this 🙂

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever had general anesthesia? It was my first time and I was nervous.
  • How was your February?
  • Are you following me on Instagram? 🙂

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “Taking a Little Time Off

  1. Anesthesia is nasty! I’ve had it a few times (most recently June 2017 for my knee infection). That last time wasn’t a big deal, but usually I have nausea and brain fog for several hours afterwards. Hope you’re feeling better and your recovery is going well!

  2. I hope your recovery continues to go well and that all is good post-surgery. I woke up during a colonoscopy one time and started talking to the rather surprised doctor. The last thing I remember was her telling the anesthesiologist to up the dosage. He must have really up’ed it because it took me so much longer to get over the grogginess of that one!

  3. Hope you are feeling back to yourself by today! Anesthesia can really knock you out for a few days. Hope it was nothing serious! Yes already following you but not sure I knew it was you!

  4. Oh, I’m glad you are recovering well from your surgery. Now I can’t remember if I’ve had general anesthesia — I think when I had my wisdom teeth out? (It was rough).

    You definitely have plenty of time before your marathon, but look at you back to running already!

  5. I’ve had surgery multiple times and seemed to do ok after general anesthesia–the usual grogginess and everything. I hope you are recovering well. The anesthesia shouldn’t affect your training!

  6. Oh, no! I hope everything is ok! I’ve had four surgeries with general anesthesia for all of them. I don’t love it, but it’s been fine.

    Hope you have a smooth recovery! And I am now following you on IG!

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