It’s Suddenly May

I forgot to change our calendar for most of this week and when I did I couldn’t believe how fast April flew by. Where did it go?

I had a pretty good month, with high mileage, no injuries (!) and several long runs to keep me ready for Cleveland Marathon later this month. 


This week, it started to feel like spring – and by that I mean we had showers nearly every day. What a WET week! It rained pretty much every morning. And it was COLD rain – 30s and 40s – and also HARD rain. It was on and off rain, sleet and wet snow nearly every morning/day this week. It impeded my running, unfortunately. I was hoping to get in a long (10ish mile) run on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, but it was so gross out that I couldn’t make myself get outside and run in it for 2 hours. I luckily still got outside most mornings, with only one day stuck inside on the treadmill. Since I did a 12 mile run last week and hadn’t taken a day off in a while, here were my goals for this week:

  • Speed training: 45 minute tempo run
  • Long run: 10-11 miles 
  • Core work: 3-5 days (8-10 min videos)
  • A 5 mile run
  • 2-3 other runs of 30-50 minutes

Here’s how the week turned out:

Sunday:  5.38 miles  – I really wanted to get out early to do a 5 mile run before the family woke up, but B and I had gotten back late Saturday night from a date and I didn’t get to bed on time. I was TIRED and didn’t think I could get out for 5 miles, but B took the kids out of the house and I went outside to run. It started to rain during the run and turned into a steady downpour as I was about 2.5 miles away. I got home SOAKED – from my head down to my socks and shoes. I was happy to have an empty house to take a warm shower when I got home.

Monday: 45 minute tempo run – 4.54 miles – and core workout, plus 2 mile walking later in the day  – When I woke up it was supposed to rain, but it hadn’t quite started yet. I got out and of course, it started to rain during the run. I was glad to have gotten outside, but again, got home wet.

Tuesday: 3 treadmill miles and core workout –  I woke up and once again it was raining. I decided to do my 3 miles on the treadmill, which was a good decision. 

Wednesday: 4.07 miles, core work and then 1 mi walk later in the day – I had set my alarm for 3:30 again to get in a long run, but when I woke up it was rain/snow and it was heavy – so I decided to go back to bed and try for another long run another day. I didn’t want to run for 2 hours in rain/snow –  I assumed I would soaked/cold and maybe even slip.  4 miles outside in the rain was one thing – 10 is another!

Thursday: 10 miles run, then 3 mile walk later in the day  – This was not an easy run. My 12 miles last week felt great! I wasn’t fast but I could’ve definitely gone another mile without stopping. Today’s ten was HARD And I stopped several times. I know that is how running goes, but it was still frustrating. I was happy to have gotten in a long run – I was seriously considering throwing in the towel at mile 3, except for the fact that I had gotten up at 3:40 a.m. and didn’t want my early morning wakeup to have been a waste.  I ended the day at a new step record though – 33,000 steps!

Friday:  4 miles, core workout — I woke up TIRED and snoozed for too long. GM hadn’t slept well over night and woke up part of the way into my run. I was glad to get in the run despite it all!

Saturday: 4.68 mile stroller run, then 2.7 mi stroller run/walk — It was FINALLY NICE OUT! I wasn’t sure if I was going for a run, but I had the morning with LM while B took FW and GM to the track meet.  She asked to get bagels, so I decided to get out the running stroller and we headed to get bagels. Then, we walked/ran to the farmers market and grocery store and LM’s ballet class. It was a lot of stroller movement for me with LM, and a full stroller with food! I was glad to get home to sit down afterwards.


Total mileage: 38.32 mi (if you count the run/walks on Saturday — otherwise it’s closer to 35 mi)

Questions for you:

  • Do you enjoy stroller running?
  • Any May races coming up?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


6 thoughts on “It’s Suddenly May

  1. It seems like we all had very wet weeks! I never did run with a stroller and did not start running myself until my kids were older. I had a hard time getting my son to even sit in one for walks.

  2. We also had that craptastic weather–until Wednesday when it finally turned around. I swear, I couldn’t take much more. I used to take my boys out in the stroller but I always preferred to run by myself. A mama runner’s gotta do, tho! Nice miles this week!

  3. April did go by quickly. I think May will too with Memorial Day Weekend just 3 weeks away.

    I’ve got Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 2 weeks!

  4. We had a very wet first half of the week here, but it turned out nice the second half.

    My sons are 35 and 33 years old and I didn’t see my first jog stroller until they were out of a stroller. I’d try to run with them in a regular stroller and the front wheels would wobble uncontrollably back and forth so I’d lock them so they’d only go straight. I’d have to tilt it back onto its back wheels if I needed to turn or go around a corner.

  5. Snow! Dang!

    I ran with a stroller one time. It was not my jam. Then again, I hate carrying ANYTHING on my runs, including water, so that has to be figured in.

    Great week!

  6. Strong week! All those stroller run/walks must be tough. We had one sunny day over the long holiday weekend when my friends were visiting and the rest were very London-y. And don’t you worry, my recent guests made it to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Its basically a tradition now ha!

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