One Week from Race Day and I’m Off My Game

I am one week from race day, and unfortunately, this was not a good training week.

Why? Because I got sick!

I am hoping it’s just a quick, short head cold, but my breathing has not been good all week. My running has been off. My sleep has been off. So, instead of trying to stick to the training plan, and waking up at 3 am to run 11 miles, I decided to just try to keep up my fitness and still get my sleep.  So, no speed workout this week, no extra long run, and not as many core workouts. 

I have a work trip this week where I’ll be flying and out of town today, so hopefully I kick this crud soon – at least in time for the race next weekend!  

Here’s how the week turned out:

Sunday:  REST DAY  – Before I started feeling sick, I decided to take a rest day. I hadn’t had one in a month, and I decided to instead just get some activity by walking, etc. I still got in plenty of steps from a few walks, including a 5K walk with my boys in the morning. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-12 at 9.42.05 AM

Monday:  4.11 and core workout  – I hit snooze for a little too long but still made it outside to get in a few miles. I realized my breathing was off, and decided not to do a speed workout (as planned), and instead, just get in a few miles.

Tuesday: 4.18  and core workout –  I woke up starting to feel sick. My head was feeling like there was some pressure in my sinuses and I decided to just get in a short run again.

Wednesday: 4.2 and core workout – Okay, definitely sick. I slept in (until 4:55) and thus got in a short run, no core work. Sometimes runs make me feel better, and this one did – until about 11:30 when I started feeling sick again. 

Thursday: 8 mile run  – I debated getting in any longish (1 hour+) run this week, but I was curious to see if I could get in a few extra miles from the previous days. I felt okay during the run – I did stop and walk a few times and catch my breath, but hopefully I’m on the mend.  The run made me feel good for most of the morning, just a little stuffy.

Friday:  5.11 miles — I was tired and walked for some of the run, but glad to have to have gotten it in. Still felt sick, but was hoping that it goes away soon.

Saturday: 2.15 mile run — It was FW’s last track meet, and I knew we’d be out of house from 7:40-1ish, so I decided to set my alarm and get in a few miles first. Somehow my alarm didn’t go off, but I woke up and had time to run 2 before getting out for the day.

Total mileage: 27.87 mi  

Questions for you:

  • Any Mother’s Day dinner plans? No, I’ll be at the airport.
  • What do you do if you’re sick for a half marathon?

I am linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.


14 thoughts on “One Week from Race Day and I’m Off My Game

  1. Hope you are feeling better.

    My race is next Sat.

    My long run yesterday was not great so not feeling super confident.

    My vacation week tired me out I think.

  2. I bet by next weekend, you’ll be feeling much better! But shhhh…don’t tell anyone, but I might have taken sudafed on more than one occasion when I was under the weather. Take it easy this week–you have plenty of training under your belt.

  3. Ugh on feeling sick. I’m with you on sometimes feeling better with a run, but I probably wouldn’t do a Half if I wasn’t feeling well. Hopefully you will feel better by then — can you get some rest on your business trip? Sometimes when I travel I can go to bed early, but other times there are “events” that keep me up late.

  4. Oh no, what bad timing for getting sick. So sorry! I’m sick right now too, and I’ve got a ton of volunteer events going on this week and my son will be graduating from high school. All the things! I’m going to need some strength to get through it all and to be able to enjoy it like I want to. I hope you get better soon too!! Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. I’m in agreement with the others… your training is done 😉 Any extra running may do more harm than good (especially if you’re already feeling under the weather. I’d just take things easy and give your body a little more rest.

  6. Oh, no! What bad timing!

    How I handle the race is based on how sick I feel. Usually, as long as it’s not a stomach thing, and I’m not contagious, I gut it out, even if I walk. I have too much FOMO.

    Feel better.

  7. Oh no, I hope you’re already starting to feel better and will be fine by the weekend for your half. Just try to get as much rest as possible between now and then. Somehow, I ran 40 marathon and was only sick during one – I woke up race morning starting to get a cold and felt crappy, but ran anyway.

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