Being a Tourist in My City – A Great Weekend In Cleveland

Last weekend, my parents came to visit me in the CLE. It was a great weekend in Cleveland, with weather finally almost warm, a gorgeous sunny day on Saturday and of course, no lack of things to keep my parents busy.

Those of you that know me know that I’m one of the biggest Cleveland cheerleaders. I have so much civic pride and go out of my way (a little too much at times) to show it. Still, it’s easy to forget sometimes how awesome this city is. That’s why I love when family or friends come into town – I can act like a tourist!
beautiful Cleveland
So how did we spend our weekend?

Dining out at one of my favorite Cleveland Restaurants – Chinato

Friday night I made reservations for four at Chinato, a restaurant on East 4th by one of my favorite Cleveland Chefs, Zack Bruell. It didn’t disappoint. I usually get their pizza or their Col Buco with slow roasted pork (I don’t typically like pork a lot … but their pork shoulder is amazing) but since it was Good Friday, I got the salmon with escarole and white beans and it was ah-maz-ing. Seriously. I want to eat it again. And again. My mom ended up getting the same and I got to enjoy her leftovers!

East Fourth at Night

East Fourth at Night

Walking to the West Side Market

Saturday morning B and I met up with my parents and we walked to the West Side Market for the first time in forever! Last summer B and I walked to the Market for groceries nearly every weekend, but it hasn’t been warm enough or nice enough for us to do that yet this year – until last weekend with my parents!  It was great – the Market was crowded and we were able to pick up all the veggies and meat and fish we would need for the week. We walked back through the Flats and took some fun pictures along the way.

Walking to the West Side Market

Walking to the West Side Market

b and me walking back from the west side marketcleveland with my parents



Visiting Gallery One at The Cleveland Museum of Art

Our original plan had been to drop off our groceries back at my apartment and then join my parents at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while B played basketball with his family, but after realizing that the Rolling Stones exhibit wasn’t yet at the Rock Hall, and that we only had a few hours until it closed, so we decided to drive over to University Circle instead to visit the Museum of Art. I had been there since the renovation and seen the beautiful Atrium, but hadn’t been to Gallery One yet. It was awesome! I can’t wait to come back and bring our iPad to try out even more of the interactive features.

Parents in University Circle

Parents in University Circle

Parents loving Gallery One

Parents loving Gallery One

Inside the Atrium at the Art Museum

Inside the Atrium at the Art Museum

We enjoyed dinner at B’s parents house and the next morning my parents drove back to NY. It was a quick trip, but a great way to enjoy just a few of the great things that Cleveland has to offer. I can’t wait until they come back later this summer! I’ve already started making my list of what we have to do next:

  • Try out another restaurant they haven’t been to – still on my list of places we can walk to are Pura Vida, Zocalo, Johnny’s Little Bar or Wink’s for simple burgers/beers
  • Check out the Rolling Stones Exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Visit the Botanical Garden – the last time we went with my parents it was March 2008 or 2009 and the weather wasn’t warm enough for most of the plants
  • Hit an Indians Game – being from NY,  my dad is still in awe about how cheap tickets to the game are and what a great value you can get for your money … and loves professional baseball
  • Walk to Voinovich Park and enjoy the view

What’s on your summer Cleveland bucket list? What do you like to do when family and friends visit?


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