Adventures in Babysitting

This weekend outside of running and having a BBQ with B’s softball team, we also got a chance to stay in and have a sleepover. That’s right, we had a sleepover with our niece and nephew.  It was great!

How did we keep two kids, 6 and under, content and happy in our small apartment?

We started off with some Candyland (okay, confession – this was still at their house).

Then followed up with some playing with money. No photo of the money games, but seriously – those kids love handling money.

Then, we headed to the river to watch some boats. And pick up pizza!

Can't handle the cuteness in this photo.

Can’t handle the cuteness in this photo.

Post-pizza it was time for ice cream and a movie. And a fort! We made a fort in our living room to watch the Parent Trap under.

Ice cream!

Ice cream!

Oh, and we also baked cookies. Because what kids don’t like making cookies?  And we all know that I do.

The cookies came out great!

The cookies came out great!

In the morning, we actually had to wake the kids up. Guess we tired them out? But don’t worry – they were cool with it when we made pancakes and bacon. I haven’t made pancakes in probably a million years (don’t ask, but I don’t like pancakes … so I hardly make them. I’m much more of an eggs girl than pancakes or waffles) but they came out pretty awesome. And cute!

They were pretty excited  for their pancakes.

They were pretty excited for their pancakes.

B liked his pancakes too

B liked his pancakes too

So babysitting was a success! I got to enjoy all the things I like (baking, ice cream, movies etc.) as did B (pancakes, pizza).

Some questions for you:

  • Sweet or savory for breakfast? Do you enjoy pancakes, french toast, waffles, etc.? I’m much more a savory breakfast gal. I love me some egg whites or running eggs!
  • Favorite ice cream flavors? I had an amazing balsamic strawberry vanilla twist this weekend. And B’s mom made some mango ice cream that I loved! Yes, it’s not my typical Heath Bar Crunch but they were yummy!
  • What’s your favorite way to keep kids entertained when you babysit? Or any secret activities that seem to keep your own kids content? Money seemed to do the trick. Those kids loved money!

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