WIAW – my first one!

I’m excited to share with you my first What I Ate Wednesday post! So many of the bloggers I follow (including Peas and Crayons and Heather Runs Fast) share a glance at what they eat in a day on Wednesdays and I love reading about it – so I decided to join in.

Full disclosure: Yesterday’s food was pretty planned out and not what it’s like EVERY day. For example, as you read this post I’m likely driving to a meeting 2 1/2 hours away from home and in meetings most of the day, so my breakfast (and lunch and dinner) will likely be mostly takeout, sadly. I love home-cooked meals!

Breakfast: A whole lotta egg whites (I don’t even want to know how many) cooked with hot red pepper flakes and some frozen veggies – mostly Brussels sprouts. B makes me breakfast every morning (yes, SO LUCKY) and as long as I’m not traveling, this is usually what I eat.

my typical work breakfast

my typical work breakfast

A whole lotta tea with honey and 32 oz water bottles filled with Crystal Light. I have a CL addiction and am trying to limit myself to 1 packet a day. #cryforhelp



Leftover stuffed acorn squash from Saturday’s dinner at Flying Fig, along with half a chicken breast (B had roasted a whole chicken for lunches on Monday night) and half a Japanese purple sweet potato with cinnamon. My coworker had given me the sweet potato to try out and let me tell you – if you’ve never had a Japanese sweet potato before, you MUST try them. They’re so good!



Afternoon snacks (yes there is more than 1): Apple, almonds and carrots – I swear I didn’t eat them all at once … I love afternoon snacks!

my three snacks - almonds, carrots and apple

my three snacks – almonds, carrots and apple

Additional snacks, unphotographed during the day:

I also snacked on half a granola bar, some peanut butter (with the granola bar of course) and some hard candy – a few Werthers and ginger chews. YUM!


B and I bought a pork tenderloin at the West Side Market from our favorite pork stand and I cooked it with the other stuff we got at the Market – Brussells sprouts, asparagus and more sweet potato. Yes, I love me some sweet potatoes – if you’re counting that’s the second time I’ve had some today.



Also, I got a fitbit so I thought I’d share with you yesterday’s progress. I ran about 5 1/2 miles in the morning and walked about 8 min to and from work, so that’s where the majority of those steps come in. During the day, my steps are awful – I know I’m slowly killing myself just sitting at my desk all day and not getting up for a walk or doing a lap around the office. This fitbit is definitely going to make me be more cognoscente of that!

So that was my day! How’d my first WIAW post go?

Questions for you:

  • What’s your go-to work day breakfast? Mine is exactly what you see, above. If I’m in the office, it’s egg whites, veggies and sometimes beans and/or avocado.
  • Are you a snacking person? Um, yes! Can’t you tell my my photographed and unphotographed snacks? 🙂

8 thoughts on “WIAW – my first one!

  1. Ahhhh! Is that the screen from the Charge? My old old force just broke and I’m debating getting a new one. Do you like it?

    I love your eats. All the vegetables look amazing.

  2. Happy first WIAW! Glad you joined so I had the chance of coming across your blog. So sweet of your man to prepare your breakfast every single morning. You got yourself a keeper!

    My go to breakfast is exactly what I shared on my WIAW post.

    Have a wonderful remainder of the day. xo

  3. We seem to have pretty similar eating habits! I’m just getting off a brussels sprouts kick and have been loving them for breakfast with eggs, as well. And now, I need to go see where I can find Japanese sweet potatoes 🙂

  4. How did I miss this post?! YAY for your first WIAW! You’re so lucky B “lets” you eat brussel sprouts when he’s home, let alone MAKES them for you. SO JEALOUS! Todd says they smell to much, haha. And your CL addiction is like my sugar free creamer addiction. It’s a work in progress 😉 Yummy day of eats!

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