WIAW: Yesterday’s Eats

I had so much fun  last week with my first What I Ate Wednesday, that I’m bringing it back for this week! Again, this is a pretty planned out day because it was a normal work day, in the office. If you had only seen my last Thursday eats (on the road half of the day) or even Super Bowl Sunday … I guess I’m grateful I don’t have photos of all of that junk goodness!

Per usual, my day started with egg whites and veggies, made by B. I had made some spinach and Brussels sprouts Monday evening and got to pair them with my eggs for a pretty good breakfast. I ate it around 8:30 a.m. shortly after getting into work.

wiaw breakfast

Lunch was leftovers! I know, it’s a pretty big lunch, but I was starving by 12:30 p.m. for some reason. Half of a spicy chicken burger (from the West Side Market), cauliflower and Brussels sprouts I had roasted on Monday with Pam and a splash of olive oil and garlic, and a cabbage and carrot slaw I made with some oil and rice vinegar. Oh, and leftover spinach from breakfast as well.

wiaw lunch part one wiaw lunch part 2

Snacks during the day included:

Carrots and mixed nuts


Apple (I took a bite out of it first …)

wiaw snack!

Chewy ginger candy. I love having one of these after a meal. Or two …

wiaw ginger chews

And dinner! I made dinner for B and me and it was pretty good. An Asian marinaded salmon, asparagus, part of a sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut oil and roasted cauliflower. Yup, cauliflower twice in one day makes me happy – I am weird like that. (Confession- I also ate some raw cauliflower as a snack but didn’t take a photo … so I guess it’s 3x in one day)


And for dessert? A mini cookie bar – leftover chocolate chip cookies with a meringue topping from the Super Bowl. They were so good – I’ll be making them again!


How was your day? Any of these eats look good to you? Any not up your alley? I want to know!

7 thoughts on “WIAW: Yesterday’s Eats

  1. Your lunch looks exceptionally delicious to me. It’s always fun to get a glimpse into another bloggers meals for the day.

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