Relay Race, Pizza and Street Festivals

The weekend started with a mini trip…to Akron! Akron is just south of Cleveland, and B and I had made last minute plans to spend the night in a hotel. Literally last minute. As in Friday morning, we booked a hotel.

Why? … Friday morning I was running the Akron Marathon Relay with a few of my Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors! Several of the ambassadors were running in the event (from the half to the full marathon), so a few of us got together and had signed up for the relay.

So Friday night started with the Race Expo. I love Race Expos. It’s so much fun to walk around all the booths, try out new goodies and buy running stuff. I was looking for a big headband (now that my hair is so short, I need a bigger headband to keep it back … ) but didn’t find one I liked. So instead, I came home with some new sports beans and Gu (salted caramel!). Finding salted caramel Gu at a race expo is apparently not as easy as it should be. We went to four booths before finding some!

After the Expo, B and I had dinner. We had gotten some Flaming Ice Cube – a pre-run eat staple in our household.


Saturday morning started EARLY. As in 5 a.m. early (which would’ve been 4 a.m. if we’d stayed in Cleveland!)- I wanted to be at the start at 6:30 a.m. to meet my fellow Ambassadors for a photo!

After our photo opp, the race began. I’ll provide a separate race recap post, but I’ll just share the fact that despite having stomach issues (TMI?), I ran leg #2 faster than I expected and we finished under 4 hours for our marathon. Woohoo!


The after race party was of course fun. Free beer, pizza and other goodies!

group pic

Shortly thereafter, B and I headed back to Cleveland. We hit up the driving range for a few buckets of balls to enjoy the nice weather.


After that, I was super tired and we didn’t end up doing much that afternoon. We hit up Gallucci’s for some pizza supplies and then enjoyed homemade pizza for dinner.

20150926_170003 pizza

With wine. And a side of Orange is the New Black. Because I still haven’t watched Season 3. I’m savoring it!


Sunday morning B and I took a walk to the Ohio City Street Festival.


We got some food, beer and watched the bratwurst eating contest.

bratwurst eaters

bratwurst eaters

We also walked around downtown because there was a Browns Game and a lot of people were out and about. It was a gorgeous day of a walk!

the stadium before the game

the stadium before the game


Sunday night ended with dinner at B’s parents house and then a failed attempt to stay up late to watch the lunar eclipse blood moon.

Some questions for you:

  • Pizza: do you like thin crust or deep dish? NY style thin crust for me 🙂
  • Did you catch the blood moon?
  • Have you ever done any eating contests? Yes! I did a jello eating contest at camp once and a pie-eating contest at work. I didn’t win either 😦

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6 thoughts on “Relay Race, Pizza and Street Festivals

  1. Congratulations on the awesome marathon finish. Glad your leg went better than great! That’s always exciting!

    Oh man – deep dish or thin? I’m torn so let’s just say Im a lover of all kinds!

  2. haha an eating contest sounds like my worst nightmare — i’d be the first one out for sure. i can’t really eat dairy so no pizza for me, but i was always thin thin thin crust all the way when i used to eat it. i missed the moon (insert sad face) b/c i was on a train, but i saw the eclipse happen…so many people were standing outside in NYC in the streets just congregating, which was kinda cool. except i didn’t really care about the eclipse — i wanted to see the actual moon! thankfully, everyone in the world posted theirs on Facebook. 🙂

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