WIAW #32 – Clambake Season

Happy WIAW! Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is a fun one – it was last Thursday, which was the day of my office clambake. Have you ever been to a clambake? I had been to lobster bakes when I lived in Boston, but clambakes are a seasonal regularity here. And each year my office has one and they are delicious.

The day started out a little different from usual. Instead of eggs, I had a smoothie bowl. It was a mix of frozen fruit and some protein powder, topped with chia seeds and flaxseed.

Oh, and some coffee mixed with cinnamon. So delicious!


For lunch, I had a salad, leftover chicken sausage and a sweet and salty peanut bar.


Snacks during the afternoon included some kombucha, peanut M&Ms and an apple.


i ate more than these but forgot to photograph them at first

i ate more than these but forgot to photograph them at first

Then it was time for the clambake. Appetizers and beer first:

20150917_191831 20150917_183357

And then clambake time. Clams, chicken, corn and sweet potato.


There were so many dessert options. Cherry pie, brownies, cookies and s’mores. I opted for the s’mores. I LOVE roasting marshmallows and these were perfectly roasted.

20150917_203930 20150917_205722

And that was it! A pretty stuffed day.

Some questions for you:

  • Have you ever had a clambake before?
  • What’s something great you ate today?

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