WIAW #37 – Sick (but still good eats)

Can you believe it’s WEDNESDAY already? I really can’t. Mostly because my week has been a little crazy and out of ordinary – I’m sick. I came down with a cold late last week, and then a sore throat and then .. pinkeye. I know. Gross. I didn’t even know that adults can really get pinkeye – but I assure you (and the nurse assured me) – they can, especially if they already have a cold. TMI?

Anyway, between work, going to the doctor, and catching up on much-needed sleep, I still managed to find time to share my WIAW eats 🙂 This is Monday’s eats – the day I went to see the nurse and found out I really did have pinkeye.

The day started out like any other. B made me breakfast and I enjoyed egg whites with hot peppers, spinach and other veggies. I also had a cup (or 2) of herbal tea and honey. It felt so good on my sore throat!


I also figured I should have some Vitamin C, so I had a clementine.


Around lunchtime I headed to the Minute Clinic to see what was up with my throat and my eye. It took 2 hours to be seen, so I was HANGRY when I got out of there. I scarfed down my lunch. B had made me a salad and a veggie burger, and I topped it with leftover tomatoes/eggplant that I had cooked for dinner a few nights earlier. Plus some hummus. May sound weird but it hit the spot.


I also had a tiny bite of leftover carrot cake from B’s mom’s house. B had taken home a slice for himself and saved me a bite. 🙂carrotcake

Snacks during the afternoon included some cooked delicata squash with cinnamon and sugar.


And some pre-cut fruit (I’m lazy) from the West Side Market.


For dinner, B made some roasted chicken and sautéed broccolini, bok choy and other veggies. If you’re counting, that’s THREE MEALS he made me on Monday. Whoops. I swear I’m a grown adult and can take care of myself.


After dinner I snacked on some snickerdoodles (maybe more than one) and a few bites of pecan brittle I had picked up in New Orleans (cue last week’s WIAW).



And that was it!

Some questions for you:

  • When was the last time you had pinkeye?
  • Does someone make your meals for you?

5 thoughts on “WIAW #37 – Sick (but still good eats)

  1. Uhmm, your dinner looks DELICIOUS. So jealous. Being sick is the worst.. and last Christmas my brther gave my then 7-month old pinkeye! The worst. (He insists that my son gave it to him, but since he only spends time really with me and my husband and neither of us had it and they BOTH woke up with it the next day, the doctor agreed it was the other way around..) Just make sure not to touch your other eye! My son ended up spreading it since we couldn’t really stop him from touching the other eye..

  2. I haven’t had pink-eye, but I know how it is to get a bad cold on the flu. It’s never fun, but it’s always a good opportunity to get me to rest more and spend more time reading my Bible and praying. 🙂 I really hope you get better soon girl. 😦 And usually, I have super sweet family members that make sure I eat something.

  3. i seriously am in complete shock that it’s already wednesday! hahaha i thought it was monday or something! 2 more days left of the week we get this 🙂
    But i’m also sorry to hear you’re sick!! hopefully all this suppppppppper yummy food will help your body get back to its normal self asap!!

  4. such good eats!! that squash looks amazinggg. i need to have squash soon. and carrot cake is the only cake i really love — had an amazing one last week for my bro’s birthday. 🙂

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