Excited for Nothing

I shouldn’t have done it, but I peeked ahead at the calendar for the next month. And surprise-  starting next weekend, I have something every single day of every single weekend until January. Eep! I know, I know – it’s the holiday season and that’s what happens, but I literally have no more free days any upcoming weekend. From B’s family bowling outing to comedy show tickets to holiday parties to cookie exchanges to baby showers … there are some weekends when I just know we won’t get to do everything we want to do. So when I realized  B and I had pretty much nothing planned this weekend, I was so so excited. I was SO excited for nothing!

Here’s a little about what our weekend of nothing looked like:

We started Friday with drinks with someone from our alma mater, Boston College. She was in town for a day and we got drinks at Butcher & Brewer followed by dinner at one of my faves, Pura Vida. I had an amazing dinner of fish, mussels and butternut squash risotto. I tried taking a photo, but the lighting made my food look bright pink. It was so weird. Like neon pink. Okay, since you want to see it (I’m sure) – here’s my unedited pink looking dinner:


Saturday morning B and I got outside for a 5 mile run. It was CHILLY. So hard to believe that last weekend I was wearing a skirt and shorts while running.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 13.42.26

We were going to go out to brunch, but instead, I decided to just make myself my go-to brunch, a yogurt parfait. It was DELICIOUS. Plain greek yogurt topped with fruit, granola and a drop of honey.20151121_134936

We also were able to hit up the West Side Market for some groceries. The clouds were so wispy and blueish grey, I had to take a picture.20151121_123115

That afternoon, I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I have been baking a lot lately (’tis the time of year!) but no standard just plain old chocolate chip cookies. Yum. 20151121_144833

I may have had a few fresh from the oven.20151122_110936

That afternoon, B and I hit up the movies and saw Spectre. I’m not a huge Bond movie fan (I know, I know) but it was enjoyable! Definitely entertaining.

For dinner, we had plans to go out to Taza. The have some of the best pita and hummus in town and I am proud to say we feasted. Finished the pita pillows, hummus and our entrees.20151121_192920

And Taza was even kind enough to play the BC Notre Dame game at the bar for us. Sadly, BC ended up losing by three. Ugh.20151121_201614

Finished up the night with some warm cookies and Arctic Zero.20151121_221742

Sunday morning, I got in an easy workout on the elliptical. I don’t know why, but my hips were slightly sore – perhaps from our run? 20151122_104745

Then, after enjoying some more cookies, B and I cleaned the apartment (well, mostly B), did some meal prep for the week, and then hung out with Dave and Anson and their new baby. Celia is getting bigger and yes, I’m getting a little less afraid to hold her.

She looks a little confused here...

She looks a little confused here…

After Dave and Anson left, it was already dinner time and B made me something I’d been thinking about all week – chicken parm. Nothing like a little comfort food when the weather’s cold!


And that was our nothing weekend. I’ll take a nothing weekend anytime!

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