Wintry Weekend

So it seems like winter is here in Northeast Ohio. We finally got our first real snow downtown – meaning it actually stuck – and it feels cold. So it was the perfect weekend to hang in and do pretty much nothing. Yup, B and I had a relaxing weekend and it felt so good!

Some scenes from our relaxing weekend (in no certain order):

Making pizza for dinner. We babysat Celia Saturday night and that meant making pizza and watching the final Star Wars movie I need to see – Return of the Jedi!



Participating in the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon kickoff run. 4 somewhat hill miles with these ladies (and about 200 other people).


Oh, and I got to see some of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors, who were also at the run! (photo from Steph)

Screenshot 2016-01-10 16.17.04

A Friday night staple – sushi.


Saturdays at the West Side Market. Picked up some food to meal prep for the week.


Trying out new tea from Cleveland Tea Revival.


Brunch after the race. Yes, that’s a turkey burger with eggs. It was an interesting combo. And it made me remember that I don’t really like scrambled eggs.


Some meal prep for the week. Making chili, salsa (for stuffed potatoes), cornbread and some other photo-shy items.

Screenshot 2016-01-10 17.04.50


And then catching up on OITNB. I kinda got lost in Season 3 and am working on getting through it. I love the show, but admit that I’m having trouble getting through this season.


Some questions for you:

  • Do you like Orange Is The New Black? Have you gotten through Season 3?
  • What’s your favorite kind of sushi?

Have a great week! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot post, Katie for MIMM and of course, the weekly wraps.

10 thoughts on “Wintry Weekend

  1. I love OITNB, but I also had a really hard time getting through this last season. Much of its earlier character development focus is lost now that we know the characters. And I don’t know… it feels like an overly forced storyline.

  2. i’ve never seen a single episode of that show — not much of a TV person except for Scandal, and i finished all of that on Netflix so need to wait for Season 5 to finish and come out! ahhhh the suspense is killing me. 🙂 love sushi — my favorite are the naruto rolls, with thin cucumber wrapped around the fish instead of rice. i’m not much of a rice gal.

  3. I am not a big sushi fan but eggs ? I’m in ! I have never seen Orange is the new black, it has not come out in France yet.

  4. What no scrambled eggs? Course I have chickens so i eat eggs all the time. I love to fix them quick in the microwave, yes you can cook eggs in it, Add some cheese and pepper! I have never tried a turkey burger, I just now got my husband to try turkey sausage an I had to sneak it in! Now he loves it!! The market there looks big a lot bigger than our small one, I could get lots of healthy things there!

  5. I can’t do without my scrambled eggs with cheese. It’s my favorite post training run meal! I admitted on another blog today that I’ve never eaten sushi…at least I am not aware of it. I love all food and I’m not sure why I haven’t tried it. Yoda is my favorite old school Star Wars character. We are finally getting some cold weather in the south. It’s perfect for staying inside this weekend and getting some things done that I’ve let slide during marathon training. Thanks for linking with us!

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