WIAW #44: A Semi-Meatless Monday

Ohmygoodness it’s only Wednesday. This week. Amiright? Thank goodness for good eats, good friends, and dinner dates to keep me occupied when the weather is COLD and excitement from the holidays starts to dwindle.

I almost forgot about WIAW. Because let’s face it, with the holidays, I’ve been less than stellar with my eating. Not so many veggies, too many cookies and I’m feeling it. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things – but as you can see, my sweet tooth is still somewhat winning! At least I’m getting more vegetables and fruits in my life.

Speaking of veggies, I had eggs and veggies for breakfast again. It has been SO LONG! So here was Monday’s breakfast – egg whites, some sauerkraut, spinach, carrots and cauliflower and broccoli. Yum yum.


As if that wasn’t enough, I also had a clementine and apple for a snack midway through the morning.


For lunch, I had prepared some grilled chicken, along with some roasted veggies – cauliflower, eggplant (leftover breaded and baked from my eggplant parm last weekend) and sweet potato – and some sugar snap peas. Yay for veggies!


For snacks in the afternoon, I had some hard candies (werthers, ginger and these caramel asian candies) and grapes and carrots.

20160104_154815 20160104_153133

For dinner, I made a Meatless Monday dish. I know – I had meat for lunch. I’m not perfect. But dinner was a caprese salad and spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and cheese. Perfection.


And that wasn’t it. I also had dessert- a little bit of this Mitchell’s and a lemon bar that I had baked. Again, I’m not perfect.

20160104_175545 20160104_183124

I had a semi-active day — I had run 5 miles in the morning, done a few weights, and tried to get in some steps during the day.



So that was my Monday! Not a bad first day back. Some questions for you:





  • What was the best thing you had over the holidays?
  • Do you like fruity desserts? Like lemon bars?

12 thoughts on “WIAW #44: A Semi-Meatless Monday

  1. Mmmm so much good food here!! I definietly love lemon desserts, but I haven’t had any in quite some time. I find it difficult to eat lemon flavored things when its cold and dreary out. Lemon flavors remind me of summer and warmth!

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