Training Tuesday: End of January

Happy Groundhog Day! I’m really hoping we get spring sooner, because I’ve been really missing my outdoor warm weather and non icy runs. As you know, as an ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, I’m sharing my training with you and even a race giveaway in a few weeks! (If you haven’t registered yet–>you can do so here).


Again, I haven’t created my training program yet, but I’m still trying to keep up the base miles and again these weeks I’ve had to run inside quite a bit. This week was a decent week running wise – compared to last week when I got basically no miles (but had a great time in Mexico City!) as you can see:

mileage chart

Weekly miles:

Week of 1/17: 3.35 miles total

Yes, a wayyyyy less than stellar week, mileage wise. However – B and I were in Mexico City and walking around a TON. The first day we got 30,000+ steps! We did make it out for one run on my birthday (woohoo) and despite the altitude, it was fun 🙂 AND wearing shorts and short sleeves in January is always nice!


Week of 1/24: 27.03 miles (includes running and walking)

S: no run – spent the day traveling

M: 6.5 (did the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k on the treadmill and added on a few extra miles running and walking)

T: 4 (wasn’t feeling it today. walk/jogged on the treadmill)

W: 2.5 (55 min elliptical workout and then ended with a short run)

Th: 5 (5 slow treadmill miles – I stopped 3 times to do weights and then kept running. followed by 12 min on the elliptical)

F: 4.25 (4-ish miles and then 17 min on the elliptical)

S: 4.78 (Warm enough to run outside again!)



Weekly highlights:

The Runs for Cookies Virtual 5k kept me motivated with an actual planned run that day. Maybe I should put together a training plan so I have something to follow?


I got new shoes! I love the bright color and hope that I can get many good miles in them.


I ran outside! B and I ran to brunch on Saturday and the weather was in the 40s when we finished our run – it was SO nice!


Despite being in the 50s-60s over the weekend(yay!) it was SO  cold some mornings. And that got me thinking – what’s too cold? I’ve run in the teens and below – maybe I just need to get used to it again?

weather on my walk to work in the morning - thus it was much colder when i woke up!

weather on my walk to work in the morning – thus it was much colder when i woke up!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s “cold weather” running to you and what’s too cold? 40s? 30s? teens?
  • For the locals – any races I should sign up for soon?
  • How do you stay motivated on the treadmill?

3 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: End of January

  1. i was JUST thinking this morning about what constitutes “really cold” or “too cold” b/c i’ve been on the treadmill for the past week or so, and almost forgot what diff temps feel like when running! i finally ran outside this am in 40 degrees and it didn’t feel cold at all, so i think 25 and below feels pretty chilllly to me, and if you add wind, i’m not digging it.

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