Last FREE Weekend

I looked at our calendars last week and realized that this is B and my last weekend in town with pretty much nothing going on. Eep! I tried not to panic – but the next time we have nothing planned is June. JUNE! So, I was determined to have a productive, but still fun an relaxing weekend. Sure we had stuff planned – a dinner here, movie tickets there – but there was plenty of time to get some other stuff done.

Friday night I was poooooped. I had a rough week sleep-wise and it caught up to me.  So, what did the evening entail? A little baking, some Netflix watching and I picked up sushi. I passed out on the couch watching Netflix and am not ashamed.


Saturday we woke up to SNOW. Yes, snow, in April. I was not pleased. I decided to play it safe lame lazy and not go for a run outside as planned (being 7 months pregnant and not wanting to slip is totally a valid excuse right?) and take the day off. Instead, B and I took a little walk, checked out a house we’re interested in, and went to the West Side Market for groceries.



I also got my nails done AND did my first maternity shopping! Yup, I’ve managed to last nearly 8 months without setting foot into a maternity store thanks to friends, hand-me-downs and two online purchases.

guess which color i got?

guess which color i got?


this great turquoise!

this great turquoise!


And of course, a little coffee shop action to catch up on work.  Decaf latte, please!


Saturday night we had plans with Dave and Anson. We stopped over to hang out with their adorable 5 month old and they made us dinner. Not a bad way to spend a snowy, cold evening.


the PERFECT snowy evening dinner - grilled cheese and soup!

the PERFECT snowy evening dinner – grilled cheese and soup!

I started my Sunday with an easy indoor workout. It was 20 with 15-20mph winds, so I didn’t feel like going outside. After that, B and I headed to the Cleveland International Film Festival for the last movie for us – The Fencer! It was a really enjoyable Finnish/Estonian/Russian movie.


And then a little meal prep while snacking. I had gotten some great fruit at the West Side Market and enjoyed this yogurt bowl with the mango, kiwi and other fruit I got. SO GOOD.


We finished the afternoon making some meatballs, along with hanging out with our friend Stephanie and their cute new little baby girl. I didn’t get to snap any pictures sadly, I was too busy holding her! And for dinner, we made it over to B’s parents house and celebrated his grandma’s birthday.

And that about sums up the weekend! Not bad for our LAST free weekend. EEP!

And now time for questions-
1. We had red velvet cake to celebrate his grandma’s birthday- what’s your favorite birthday cake?

2. Do you have a busy spring coming up?

I’m linking up today with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.

11 thoughts on “Last FREE Weekend

  1. You are looking great! How wonderful to get this far in your pregnancy with hardly any shopping. I shudder to think about the horrible maternity fashions choices we were given back when I was pregnant. I can’t remember the last time I had a manicure (pedicure, yes!) and that color is lovely. I know you’ve got a busy calendar, but try to get some rest before June! Thanks for linking with us Melissa.

  2. Oh that is just great you haven’t had to buy clothes yet! I hated to spend the money on clothes I’d never wear again. Yes I knew I only wanted to be pregnant one time lol. I do love the color of your nails. I had a similar color on my toes back in the summer and I think it’s getting time for another fun color! Enjoy your busy weekends, and adventures and as always thanks for linking up with us!

  3. I could literally eat sushi every meal. Looks fantastic! I also love the pic of the baby with the wine bottle next to it. LOL!

    Favorite cake… chocolate cake or carrot cake… my mom’s red velvet is a close 3rd though.

  4. Being 7 months pregnant is a very legit reason to play it safe with outdoor running! Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way 🙂 Spring weather has such a hard time making up it’s mind!!!

    I feel like the busy spring season is kicking in soon and it makes me a little anxious! Planting is starting soon for the farm so I won’t be seeing my hubby much…. then comes celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary, running my 7th marathon, celebrating my 29th birthday AND our youngest is turning ONE soon (woop woop!)! April and May are some intense months!
    Amy @

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