WIAW: An unintentional veggie day

Happy Wednesday. Thank goodness, we’ve made it halfway through the week AND it is What I Ate Wednesday!  These were my eats from yesterday- it ended up being a vegetarian day, by accident.

Breakfast was a leftover decaf latte from Saturday (I had a free Starbucks reward expiring that I had to use)  .. and as usual, I didn’t finish it. I’m awful with drinking coffee!) and overnight oats. I’ve been back on the anti-eggs phase lately but loving my overnight oats.

20160412_084143 20160412_085745

Lunch was this delicious veggie medley – veggie burger, sweet potato, zucchini, avocado and some leftover starry cabbage and asparagus.


And a few handfuls of this white chocolate chex mix 🙂


For snacks, in the afternoon I had some dried fruit/nuts and fresh fruit salad. And some caramels – I just bought a package of Nips and they are so good!20160412_132420 20160412_140218 20160412_154127

Dinner was a thai-inspired broccoli, pepper, edamame, avocado, peanut salad. I also had a few slices of cheese (not pictured).20160412_195745

Dessert was some NEW (to me) Arctic Zero flavors.20160412_181055

I also made a batch of granola up for snacks. And of course aid a bunch of that along with the ice cream. So double the oats today!




And that sums up my day of eats from yesterday. Now, some questions for you:

  • Do you ever accidentally (or on purpose) go meatless?
  • How do you like your oats – cold, warm, crunchy, etc.?

7 thoughts on “WIAW: An unintentional veggie day

  1. Yay for a vegetarian day!!! (Even if it was accidental, haha.) That cookie dough Arctic Zero isn’t too shabby! I’m usually more of a Halo Top fan but Arctic Zero is a little easier to track down. I just recently tried the brownie batter flavor and it was good!

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