WIAW: TGIFriday Eats (Yes, there was ice cream)

I love Fridays. I often have quite a few meetings on Fridays which makes the day go by fast. Plus, it’s a day I know that even if I’m tired, I can almost always sleep in the next day, which helps me get through the day. No, it’s not Friday yet – sorry! BUT I am sharing with you my Friday eats for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday. And yes, it ended with ice cream 🙂 But it started with a run!

Friday morning started with a run with B. The weather was in the 60s when I woke up, and B had said he’d run with me the night before. So we started with 5 miles. Don’t worry – at 8 months pregnant, I stopped many many times.


I was starving for breakfast. I enjoyed a modified version of my overnight oats (no yogurt or nut butter on this version), with cinnamon and a banana. And then some fruit on the side – an orange and  a mango.


For lunch, I had some leftover roasted veggies – cauliflower, zucchini and sweet potato, plus a few bites of avocado and a veggie burger.20160422_125453

Also had a bunch of cashews and a few almonds.20160422_131249

Snack time that afternoon meant some strawberry tea (from our Mexico City trip) and some granola/cashew clusters. Disclaimer – i had more than just these 5 bites.20160422_144430 20160422_165629

B and I had a date night planned and we opted to go to a bar and watch the Cavs game. So we had the ultimate bar food – pizza and wings!20160422_193046 20160422_194443

After dinner, we hit up a local ice cream joint.

i had vanilla peanut butter ice cream. And in full disclosure, I was SO stuffed I couldn’t really finish the whole cup. 20160422_205616

And that was my Friday day/night eats.

Some questions for you:

  • Are you more relaxed with your eating on Fridays than during the rest of the week?
  • What’s your favorite pizza topping(s)?

9 thoughts on “WIAW: TGIFriday Eats (Yes, there was ice cream)

  1. Man, I wholeheartedly miss buffalo wings, they were a childhood favourite. Props for being a badass running mama, so inspring, you look great!

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