Just the Two of Us – Walkabout, Wedding, 5k and More

Wow – what a FULL weekend!

I love summer in Cleveland and this weekend felt like summer with patio nights, super warm days, ice cream and long walks. It was a truly great weekend.

I can’t help but want to DO IT ALL with B and savor every single moment we have together as we cherish these last few days and nights we have as just the two of us, before Baby C arrives.

Friday night B and I headed to the Tremont Walkabout and enjoyed a beautiful night out filled with outdoor vendors, patio dining and art galleries.

20160610_193227 20160610_194253 20160610_202649

We ended the night watching the Cavs game. I won’t go into detail but it was NOT a good game to watch if you’re a Cleveland fan. At least I got ice cream to watch the game with?

Saturday morning started early with the Gift of Life Walk & Run. The race is Lifebanc of Ohio’s annual 5k and this year the race was part of the Transplant Games of America. The Games are in honor of organ, eye and tissue donors, recipients and their families and happen to be in Cleveland this year!  One of my clients is Donate Life Ohio and donation and transplantation is a cause that I care about.


I admit I was a little nervous about the race – at nearly 39 weeks pregnant, my running has slowed down. A lot. Yes, I’m still working out most days, but it’s become more of a walk/run a few times a week, or the elliptical or a walk. But B convinced me to register us on Friday and he even brought along a big water bottle to help keep me hydrated.

starting line \

It was 80 degrees at the start. I was not looking forward to it – but I was so motivated by all the people running and walking who have been touched by donation! So I told myself I could take it easy, walk when I wanted and take photos and enjoy the experience.pre race

We did it! I was SLOW yes, and only stopped to walk twice when I grabbed water. Was it my slowest 5k time? Yes. BUT I’m assuming it was the last 5k race I run while pregnant and it was the perfect one to finish on.


Later that afternoon, it was wedding time! Thank goodness I had a dress that was spandex-y material and still “fit” while pregnant.

20160611_133847 wedding

We hadn’t RSVP’d in time to go to the reception because we weren’t sure if we’d be able to go, so we only made it to the reception. So – we had no dinner plans. We decided to hit up Mabels BBQ downtown for a meatfest. It didn’t disappoint.



Sunday morning B and I got up early to be somewhat productive – some work, some nursery work, etc. We then hit up a new coffee shop, Duck Rabbit, in the area. B really enjoyed his pour over.


We also took a little walk around the area and got some supplies from the West Side Market for a picnic we had plans to have a picnic in the park with Dave, Anson, Joey and Lulu!


This adorable little girl joined our picnic. Gotta love her style 🙂20160612_125823

During the afternoon, I attempted more productivity and hit up a coffee shop for some iced tea and some more work. Yes, that lady has her shoes off in the background!20160612_134830

And Sunday night ended as most do – dinner with B’s family. We had pulled pork, so I ended up with BBQ three days in a row! It was good, but I think I’m set for a while 🙂 Oh and yes – for those of you counting, that meant ice cream for me three days in a row too!

20160612_185841 20160612_195430


Some questions for you:

  • Do you like BBQ? What kind of BBQ sauce do you like?  It’s not my favorite, but I like it on occasion. I prefer rubs to sauces – and if it’s a sauce I prefer hot ones, not sweet. 
  • Any big plans this week?

I’m linking up today with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.


9 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us – Walkabout, Wedding, 5k and More

  1. Mmm. Love me some BBQ. I really love the kind where the meat tastes so good you don’t need sauce. But, I definitely prefer sweet over hot. And I shy away from the vinegar based sauces.

    That dress you wore to the wedding is super cute & I am so impressed you RAN a 5K at 39 weeks pregnant, slow or not!

    Stopping by from the Weekly Wrap.

  2. Love BBQ! The sweeter and juicer the sauce the better!

    Look like you have a great weekend! Way to go on the 5k..that is mighty impressive!

    Best of luck as you count down the days for Baby C to arrive..the best gift and greatest job in the world!

  3. Well, BBQ is a southern staple. My favorite is a Boston Butt smoked on our own grill with Sweet Heat sauce. I can’t believe you ran a 5k at 39 weeks pregnant. Oh the stories you will get to tell Baby C. You look stunning in your black dress. Any day now I expect to see a post about the baby! How exciting!! Thanks for linking with us Melissa!

  4. Great work in your 5k!!! WOW. Any running/walking is impressive at 39 weeks pregnant. I’ve actually never made it that far into a pregnancy – 38 wks was my longest – and running at that point sure gave my bladder a beating 😛

    As for BBQ sauce, Sweet Baby Ray’s is my favorite but I’m not super crazy about BBQ in general. Ketchup is my thing!
    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  5. Wow, way to go on your 5K at 39 weeks! Sounds like it was for a wonderful cause! You look great in that black dress. All the BBQ looks yummy! I’m not a fan of dry rubs. I like a combination of sweet and spicy sauce (Sweet Heat).

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