WIAW: Wine and Gold for the Cavs

Phew. Why is it that the week after a short week always seems the longest? In any case, this What I Ate Wednesday is in celebration of the Cleveland Cavaliers. We’re in the finals (a rematch against the Golden State Warriors – ugh) and this day of eats included a celebration in honor of the Cavs – including a wine and gold-themed happy hour!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with the morning. For breakfast I was seriously craving some fruit. Like big, juicy, melon. Thank goodness we had some watermelon in the office and I had just cut open a cantaloup the night before – I made myself a large fruit salad (watermelon is hiding below) and some overnight oats.

20160602_085834 20160602_090949

For lunch,  I had plans to meet up with B and we had a lunch date at my favorite bakery/sandwich/salad place downtown – Stone Oven. Janea’s salad will forever be my favorite.


Then, the happy hour I was talking about! Our office had a Wine & Gold-themed Happy Hour to celebrate the Cavs getting into the finals and that meant some wine/gold food, drinks, etc. I baked red velvet cupcakes with gold frosting to contribute.


We also had a dunk contest – I came in 2nd somehow! No doubt it was for creativity – and lucky (I somehow got it in).


Dinner plans had to get changed – B and I were going to go out with friends on E 4th while the Cavs were on but we were starving and places were too crowded – so instead we just heated up some leftover quinoa enchilada casserole and ate it with avocado, sour cream (leftover from the red velvet cupcake recipe) and plenty of tortilla chips.

E 4th street getting crowded

E 4th street getting crowded

blurry dinner pic (many more tortilla chips consumed but not pictured)

blurry dinner pic (many more tortilla chips consumed but not pictured)

And that sums up my day of eats! Now, some questions for you:

  • Are you rooting for anyone in the NBA finals? Who?
  • What’s your favorite fruit? Least favorite?

6 thoughts on “WIAW: Wine and Gold for the Cavs

  1. I am originally from Cleveland so rooting for the Cavs! Big game tonight. I LOVE quinoa enchilada casserole, it’s one of our favorites for Taco Tuesday!

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