Weekends with a Four Month Old

Okay technically I guess this post should be called 4 1/2 month old. But I can barely believe that FW is four months old. He’s rolling, babbling, giggling and pretty fun. This weekend was a fun one – but B was out of town at a wedding so I played single mom for a little bit. Luckily my parents came into town for a little so I had some help along the way.

This weekend included:

Friday night pizza and beer. The tradition never gets old. Especially when my parents are here and I get to have eggplant on my pizza!


Wine and chocolates. Because – it was THAT kind of week. And well, do you really need a reason?


Some cold temps, which meant fall fashion. I have a thing for guys in cardigans – and while B isn’t a fan of wearing them, at least FW can!


A walk downtown and to the Flats.


And another walk – because it was finally fall weather!


Lots of snuggling.

20161112_104203 20161112_110621

Sunday I was pretty much on my own, which meant after I went for a run, FW and I took a walk around downtown and enjoyed some warmer temps. We did some meal prep for the week and ended the day with dinner at B’s family. And then finally B came home!


Some questions for you:

  • Did you spend time outside this weekend? Saturday was cold but Sunday was warm again!
  • When was the last time you flew anywhere?

I’m linking up with ErinKatie and the weekly wraps.


9 thoughts on “Weekends with a Four Month Old

  1. Pizza and beer, wine and chocolate, are there really any better combinations?!? And It was a gorgeous weekend in DC, getting a bit chillier, but I definitely enjoyed some time walking around outside and enjoyed seeing all the Fall colors on the trees.

  2. How cute is FW in that cardigan! OMG. I also love he’s rocking the coordinating socks! I was definitely outside this weekend but we still have no fall color. I know your parents are enjoying their grandbaby SO MUCH! Thanks for linking, Melissa!

  3. Ha he looks so handsome in his little cardigan! What a fun weekend! I have only flown once in my entire life and that was 10+ years ago. I’m not afraid to fly we just usually don’t have opportunities to travel that far. I think some destination races need to change that though

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