Oh Hey, May

This weekend, B came home. And it stopped raining. So yeah, it was a good weekend.

B had been gone for 6 days for a work trip. And it rained for pretty much 5.76 of those days. But this weekend, FINALLY the sun came out!

I started the weekend with a treadmill run while B watched FW. I got in 8 miles while watching Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Then it was time for the Kentucky Derby party! I did have a hat that I wore but it didn’t get pictured.

That night, B and I had plans to go out for a belated anniversary celebration. We saw Something Rotten! and it was AWESOME. 

We got a late dinner and drinks after the show. 

Sunday morning it was FINALLY NOT RAINING, so we took a walk around downtown with FW. It was chilly and windy, but seeing the blue skies was great. 

American Ninja Warrior is filming in Cleveland this week, so we stopped by the set and watched them finish setting up.

We spent the afternoon cleaning, meal prepping and watching the Cavs sweep the Raptors!

We didn’t have our usual Sunday dinner, so B made us some. He cooked us his own take on fish and chips and mushy peas and it was great!! I’d have this over traditional fish and chips any day 🙂

I ended the night catching up on work and finishing a little cleaning. After a week without B, the apartment needed some TLC 🙂

Some questions for you:

  • Do you watch American Ninja Warrior?
  • Which NBA team do you root for?

I’m linking up with Katie and the weekly wraps.

5 thoughts on “Oh Hey, May

  1. A Kentucky Derby party complete with pretty hats sounds like so much fun! I’m not very exciting – not into the NBA (ice hockey is more my thing) and I’ve never seen American Ninja Warrior. Pretty sure my boys would love the Ninja Warrior thing though. They think they are ninjas… 🙂

  2. Wow that American Ninja Warrior is beast! It’s amazing at what these people can do and the strength they have!
    I’m not much on basketball.
    Being in Louisville the weekend before the Derby really made me want to come back to attend the actual Derby! I stalked IG all day on Saturday watching Derby posts! I never did get my mint julep though!

  3. I do watch ANW. I find the female contestants especially entertaining and inspiring. I’m so glad you finally had some sun and could get out and enjoy the weekend. Aww…I really wanted to see your hat. Thanks for linking, Melissa!

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