Goodbye, Downtown Running

This week marked a bittersweet week of running. Why is that? Because it was my last week of running as a downtown Clevelander.

We are moving to the BURBS! We’ll have a house and new running paths and trails and more areas to explore, but I’m going to miss a few things about my downtown running life:

  • Being so close to the running of the bridges – it’s so nice to “run the bridges” either by myself (it’s a 4-5 mi loop depending on what route I take) or with the organized group
  • Being able to run to the flats, the river, the lake, etc.
  • Having a gym in my apartment building for those days when I can’t/don’t wanna get outside – this means a treadmill AND elliptical for the non-running days
  • Being walking distance to SO MANY races (including the Cleveland Marathon!)

So, how did this week hold up? I got in 20+ miles finally – I’m still feeling slow and a little off, but my mileage was back up!

This week’s total: ~27 miles. 

Here’s a scene from my last run across the bridges on Saturday:

And my last picture with FW in the apartment after a run:

Some questions for you:

  • Do you have a gym in your building or a treadmill or elliptical you use?
  • Those of you who live in the suburbs – what do you like about running around your neighborhoods?

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Downtown Running

  1. I live in the inner suburbs of DC. It’s nice to just be able to run my neighborhood and to always be able to find people to run with. But I do sometimes miss running the monuments, so I’ll either metro in and run or do a long run across the bridge into the city. Good luck in your new location. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  2. I live in the suburbs & I love running around the local trails & preserves. The neighborhood running is nice because you get to know your neighbors… people wave & say hello. You also get to know the neighbor dogs which are sometimes very entertaining lol

  3. All the best with your move! That is bittersweet for sure. I’m sure you’ll find new paths you love. When I last lived in an apartment, it was in Birmingham, England. I used that treadmill like crazy!

  4. Living downtown definitely has its perks…what an amazing view! I hope you enjoy exploring all the new trails in your new neighborhood! My ‘hood is a bit suburbanesque, and I will say that it’s nice to not have to deal with so many other people running the streets and trails!

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