Kicking off Cleveland Marathon Training Season

Now that we’re in the New Year, it’s marathon training season! I am once again an ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, which means that I will be having a giveaway (THIS MONTH!) and have a discount code (MC2019) for you to use (see below):

I haven’t officially decided which race(s) I’m running. I’m a fan of the Challenge Series, where you run an event on Saturday and Sunday, mostly because you get 3 medals (a medal for each event and a special Challenge Series medal) AND a cool gift (my favorite was the year we got a fleece blanket!). I’m hoping that this year I’ll do the 8k / half marathon, pending sleep/nursing/schedules/no injuries.

If I do that, I technically won’t need to start training until next month, so this month I’m working on enjoying having no training plans but trying to keep my mileage up. This week, I got in one of my highest mileage weeks since LM was born and it felt great! Here’s how the week went:

Keep an eye out for my official training plan, coming soon. And in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying some casual runs without any commitment. Here I am after this weekend’s 5 miler. I was so excited to wear capris.

In Cleveland excited to kick off training? There are 2 kickoff runs planned, and I hope to be at at least one of them!

  • When are you planning to train for your next race?
  • What type of training plan do you follow?

I’m linking up with the weekly wrap.

5 thoughts on “Kicking off Cleveland Marathon Training Season

  1. Capri weather has been such fun.
    I’m training for three Halfs. Really training for the latter two though as work/dental work derailed training for the first.

  2. Hasn’t it been wonderful having this weather in January? Congrats on your ambassadorship. I’ve heard such great things about the Cleveland Marathon!

  3. Agh! I love this mild January so far! And getting in some outdoor miles too! I’m so bummed I’ll miss you this weekend!

  4. awesome amount of miles!

    I would totally do the challenge series myself – that’s one reason I love Rock’n’Roll races. i always do the “remix” if there is one!

    I officially started training last week Friday. And… I looked at my schedule this week and thought “omg how am i going to do all that this week…” but hey, I’m choosing to do this and I’m choosing to break PR’s this year so the work has to be done. Officially I’m training for a Half in April with a 5 and 10K PR in between if possible. Then later I’ll be training for the Chicago marathon – yay! Only runners get excited about the blood, sweat, tears and frustrations that come along with marathon training!!

  5. It’s very impressive you ran every day but one. I’m sure you’ll have no problems when your official training begins. I love it when races give out “cool” gifts. A blanket or beach towel is always nice touch. Thanks for linking!

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