Cleveland Half Marathon Training: Week Three

I’ll start this post by confessing that while I didn’t follow this week’s training 100%, I did get in 5 runs, includimg a long run. So for week 3 of Cleveland half marathon training, it wasn’t bad.

The week called for off days on Thursday and Friday, and then a 5k race on Saturday. I didn’t have any races planned, so I opted to get in a long run Saturday instead (and still get out for a short run Thursday … it was 55 degrees when I came home from work — I had to!). So here’s what the week looked like:

I was so excited to have THREE outdoor runs, including 1 done in the evening! I somehow got home before B and the kids on Thursday, so I prepped some dinner and then got outside for a short run before we ate. I can’t imagine doing this on a regular basis, but it was fun!

I was also excited about my long run this weekend. I haven’t run this long since before LM was born and probably since I was last training for a half – so it’s been about 2 years!

Some questions for you:

  • What’s the longest run you’ve done recently?
  • Do you have favorite running socks?

Note: I am a Cleveland marathon ambassador! That means I get free race entry for me, and a free race entry to giveaway. Wanna run CLE with me? Don’t forget, I have a 10% discount for you!

clé marathon discount

Today, I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

6 thoughts on “Cleveland Half Marathon Training: Week Three

  1. It’s funny you mention your long run, because I had a very similar feeling on my long run yesterday. I went eight miles, and, for me, it was my longest run since my half marathon in October…I think (?). And, I finally got to do some outdoor miles, as well. I have been on the treadmill far more than ever before in the past two months, so the outdoor air was euphoric 😉 Thanks for joining our link-up!!

  2. Great job this week. I know exactly what you mean about being happy for more outdoor runs – I felt the same way. It’s been me and my treadmill for a majority of the Winter so it was nice to get in some outdoor runs during the week!

  3. I know so many people who have been suffering through indoor treadmill running so I totally get your elation! Hopefully it will stay this way now and ALL runs can be outdoors unless you specifically CHOOSE to do one on the treadmill!

    I do have favorite socks – either my injinji toe socks or any pair of my ProCompression socks. I pretty much wear those two types or nothing! I even wear my toe socks to pilates. no one needs to see my bare feet, trust me.

    I haven’t done a long run in AGES. Honestly, maybe even the last time was in October at the Amsterdam marathon. Happy to NOT have long runs right now. It will happen anyway in a few months. Enjoying the short interval running right now.

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