The Week I Did a Nighttime Race

I’m not a nighttime runner. I pretty much always start my day with runs. I don’t even like running after work. So, when B told me that there was a 5k race on a Friday night that was a fundraiser for a board he is on, I was hesitant. I had run the race last year for fun after LM was born. But, I was home on maternity leave. This year, I’d be working all day and well – as I said – I’m not a fan of nighttime running.

But who doesn’t love a good 5k fundraiser? So, I signed up on Wednesday and ran it Friday. Here’s how the week looked:

Some highlights:

The race of course! Strollers weren’t allowed (dogs and walkers were…), so B watched the kids while I ran. I admittedly start the race with a cramp but felt like I was flying the first mile.

The second mile included a big uphill, and the last mile had a downhill. I ended the race with an official time of 25:43. The race was along the beach, so we had a great view. And we got some beach time afterwards.

Was it a PR? No. Was it the fastest I’ve run in a while? YES. Was I glad I ran it? Of course!

Questions for you:

  • Do you notice a connection between how much rest you get and the quality of your runs?
  • What are you training for?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down.

8 thoughts on “The Week I Did a Nighttime Race

  1. I’ve only done one nighttime race before (Rock n Roll Las Vegas 5K) and I really didn’t like it. I do a bulk of my runs after work, which is usually between 4-6pm, but doing a nighttime race around 8pm was just really odd!

  2. I had a night-time race scheduled a few weeks ago but had to pull out as I had a family crisis. But was really looking forward to it. It would have been my first. Well done on your fastest run in a while. That’s fantastic! And photo on the beach with baby is gorgeous!

  3. I guess the Ragnar races I have done count as night races. I also did Vegas a few years back. Of course that race is in a category by itself. Congrats on a well run race! Have a fantastic week ahead

  4. nice! well done! That’s an awesome race result!! I don’t run night races but I do run after work. I just signed up for a 4K (odd distance) night race in September. It starts at 10pm. WHUT? Well it’s all part of our Airborne Commemoration Month and it’s a new race in the “Run to Remember Freedom” series. And it’s called “Free your light” so I’m running with a friend and we are going to find some cheap colored lights to drape around us. Maybe get some flashing bike lights or something like that too.

    I do tend to run better with more rest, but it just depends. I’ve run a couple times at lunch now and those runs have been amazing. I can’t get my butt out of bed for morning runs.

    just finished week 7 of chicago marathon training, but I have a Half in two weeks (part of my training really).

  5. Excellent job, Melissa! I have done some evening races. I seem to do alright with them, but it is a challenge eating throughout the day and fueling (or not?) before the start line. I do think my legs are loosened up pretty good (from being on them throughout the day), so there’s not much need for a warm-up…which is a nice perk.

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