Goodbye October Running

October may be my favorite running month. Especially this year. We had a pretty mild month with no early snowfall and not too much rain that it interfered with my runs. And despite only getting in one race, it seemed like near perfect racing conditions each weekend. That’s why I’m proud of my total mileage for the month!

This October was good to me and I ended the month with 121.13 miles and ran 23 days. I’m pretty proud of that number, especially without any longer runs (my longest run of the month was 7.1 miles).

This week, I ended the up with 29.25 miles.

The highlights from the week?

Friday was my first treadmill run of the year! I did it while the kiddos were sleeping and I can just say that I definitely need to get back into treadmill shape.

Saturday’s run was a stroller run with LM! I typically run with FW and can’t remember the last time I ran with LM. She was good for the whole run, too, which was broken up into a 2.5 mile run, a break (playing and story time at the library) and then 1 mile run.

Questions for you:

  • Did it finally get cold near you? We were in the thirties this week on Friday and Saturday!
  • How did you do for monthly mileage in October?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down

9 thoughts on “Goodbye October Running

  1. Oh yes, it got cold in Iowa! I know the cold is coming, but it’s a bit too early for the (daily) sub-freezing stuff. My October miles totaled out at 116 (but that does include a marathon LOL). Great job with your weekly mileage!

  2. October had 133.3 miles for me. Boy, that’s pretty random! Yes, getting the chilly weather here too. I forgot to bring in one of my plants – a new one that I could bring inside and it would live. I did bring in the dead plant hoping it’s going to come back to life. haha! I’m pretty sure it’s a lost cause though.

  3. great mileage!! so you ran with LM on the treadmill? why can’t I picture that?? how?

    it’s not super cold here yet. of course everyone is complaining is cold and grey and dark and I’m like “it’s the Netherlands, guys…” welcome to northern Europe.

    my mileage was… 5km 🙂 Actually I’m not supposed to be running at all but I went ahead and ran the 5K in chicago before the marathon. Don’t tell my physio…

  4. WOW. What a solid month.
    Glad you had a great run with your littlest minion.
    Winter hitting tomorrow. Not ready for the 30s. Luckily I’m going to winter storage – aka Mom’s – and I’ll get my coat.

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