Weekly Run Down: Thanksgiving Week

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving week here ended up being pretty good in terms of weather most days, which meant almost all my runs were done outdoors AND B and I got in a Turkey Trot. I ended the week with just under 30 miles total.

Here are some highlights:

On Thanksgiving Day, B and I ran in our local Cleveland Turkey Trot. They have a 5K and 5-mile race, and I did the 5 mile which my parents watched the kids at home. It was WINDY out (the wind was 25-35 mph winds with gusts much higher) and I’m glad we didn’t end up bringing the strollers and running with the kids.

The first mile was pretty slow, as we somehow ended up behind lots of walkers, and had a hard time really getting any space to run until more than a mile in. B and I split up at around 2 miles, since he was doing the 5K, and I ran the remaining miles by myself. But B did get a pic of before the finish line!

Here were my splits – almost negative splits. You can tell when I was able to get in some running after the crowds thinned out.

I caught a pic with this turkey, too. It was so windy that it wasn’t staying up at all.

On Friday, I didn’t get any pictures, but I got out to run some errands with LM while the boys were playing flag football with the family. We ran to pick up bread, return library books, and then home. Then, while LM took a short nap, I ran a mile or so on the treadmill.

And if you believe it or not, November is over! I finished the month with 124.48 miles.

Some questions for you:

  • Do you run a local Thanksgiving race?
  • How do you deal with wind when running?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down

6 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down: Thanksgiving Week

  1. Ugh, wind! It’s easily the one thing I detest the most about winter running. I can tolerate the cold, and the snow and the limited daylight, but the wind can really be a deal-breaker. Ideally, I try to head out into the wind (if possible) and then have it at my back on the way back home. I also try to do loops, because then you’re changing directions frequently…so the wind isn’t in your face for long periods of time.

  2. sounds like a windy but fun turkey trot! B is REALLY tall! great that he got you near the finish line as well!

    we have so much wind here it’s not even funny. and sometimes you think “oh I’ll have tailwind on the loop back” and the frickin wind direction just follows you in your face whatever direction you go. Usually in the late fall/ winter it’s the worst.

  3. That is some intense wind! Yikes! It’s nice that the race offered a slightly longer option with the 5 miler. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I’m pretty sure I saw you running on Thursday (I did the 5 miler too)! Love your bright colored jacket! And the walkers were a real killer 😦

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